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Dec 15, 2011 11:54 AM

Cheese course selection for Mexican-themed dinner?

Helping put together dinner this weekend including chile rellenos, mole, carnitas, tacos, etc. Planning to have a cheese course and would appreciate some suggestions.

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  1. Definitely Oaxaca string cheese. Maybe a queso fundito with chorizo? Quesadillas may be too much with all else you are serving. What type of filling are you planning for the chile rellenos?
    I once shared a small baked wheel of parmesan at a restaurant in D.F. that was a delicious appetizer, but I have never seen it anywhere else. I can't think of many mexican cheeses that can stand alone.

    1. How about enchiladas Suizas?

      1. I think queso fundito would be perfect. I've seen chiles rellenos served as a cheese course, but if you're serving that somewhere else I'd go with queso fundito.

          1. What do you mean by a 'cheese course'? What comes to mind is a selection of cheeses that area served by themselves near the end of the meal. Or are you thinking of a cooked item that uses cheese? Also, how formal is this dinner? Many of the things we (American's) think of a Mexican are actually antojitos - snacks or street food. Fancy Mexican places may serve them, but as appetizers, not main courses.

            In any case, your chile rellenos could have a cheese filling. Other items can be garnished with cheese (e.g. crumbled white). However the heavy orange quilt is an American aberration.