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May 25, 2006 09:28 PM


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I am pregnant and craving guacamole and chips. I am in West Hollywood. Any recs?


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  1. Gardens of Taxco at 1113 N. Harper, just above SM Blvd. would probably satisfy your craving.

    1. I like the tri-color tortilla chips from Whole Foods, and their guacamole is good too (at least from the SM location).

      OK, for me... Unless guacamole is prepared table side at a nice restaurant, I'm not that picky with guac, so long as its fresh.

      1. I am a guacamole fanatic, and probably have ordered it at every single Mexican restaurant I've ever been to.

        The best guacamole I can think of in that area is served at El Carmen (on Third near the Beverly Center) of all places. As it's a bar, they don't open until 6 pm, but their guacamole is addictive.

        In Silverlake, they have really tasty guacamole at La Parilla on Sunset (made tableside) and at Mexico City on Hillhurst.

        Three places tie for perhaps my favorite guacamole in the city -- Tia Juana, on Olympic just east of Bundy; La Cabana, on Rose and Lincoln in Venice, and El Toreo, on Fair Oaks in Pasadena. All three have thick, chunky guacamole made with Haas avocados, and golden crispy fresh house-fried chips.

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          Agreed on Parilla. Also Gallo's Grill.

        2. For future reference, if you're re-craving Guac again and are willing to be in Westwood Village, then the Gradens on Glendon has it as their specialty dish for about $8 or $9:

          "Our Signature Guacamole freshly made at your table - Spciy, Hot, or Medium"

          Gardens on Glendon
          1139 Glendon ave.
          (310) 824-1818

          1. Two suggestions:

            1. Ciro's (705 N. Evergreen Ave., East LA, (323) 267-8637) has a really nice avacado salsa that they serve with chips. Not exactly quacamole, but really good. They are famous for their flautas, but I like their chili colorado burritos better. Whatever you order, btw, you will get a frighteningly huge amount of food.

            2. I know I will get sh*t for this, but I think the guacamole made tableside at El Torrito Grill in BH (9595 Wilshire Blvd., (310) 550-1599) is quite good. It's made fresh, so it hasn't been sitting around oxidizing for hours or days, and I think they get a nice balance of flavors and ingredients. It's pretty much the only thing I like there, but I think, with their chips and/or their fresh flour tortillas, it's very nice.

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            1. re: David Kahn

              No s**t from here, as it may be the best thing the ET Grill makes.