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Dec 15, 2011 10:37 AM

lamb query

I just picked up 3 lamb round steaks, after seeing them at a good price in the market. They're maybe 3/4 lb or less each, and cut rather thin (1/2"). My thought was that I'd cube them up and make an Indian curry or Rogan Josh or the like.

But on looking at recipes, I see that most use shoulder and shank meat. Do you suppose this part (which I take to be just regular lamb leg from the rump portion) will toughen up and be too lean for your average lamb curry recipe?

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  1. Shoulder and shank meat cook up very tender in curry recipes. They are the preferred cuts in addition to the cuts of the rib and chop area.

    You can use your rump, though. Be sure to cook for about 1 and a half hours to get it very tender.

    1. I've used whatever lamb cuts were reasonable & available at the market for curries. They've all worked well, although some required longer cooking than others. If in doubt, just cube up your meat smaller than usual, give it a little more time, & plan on some yummy "taste-testing" as you go along :).

      1. Other than lamb chop and the kidney chop cuts, I think all other cuts should be suitable for Indian curries. The sauce of the curry will help tenderize it. Traditional Indian lamb and goat dishes use older lambs and goats than what available domestically. The lamb chop and kidney chop cuts are very very marblized and would be sad to use for those dishes.

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          I disagree with you about the chops, many Indo-Pak dishes can be made with them, many people prefer them, and there are actually specific mutton-chop in gravy 'curries.' Not sad at all, actually tender and delicious.

        2. Thanks for the replies! After reading your thoughts and doing more inconclusive web browsing I took the happy step of pulling my copy of Julie Sahni's Classic Indian Cooking. Sometimes you can't beat the classic books.

          I am presently making the Meat Curry (Gosht Kari) from there, which calls for lean cubed lamb or beef meat and also (as you've all noted) a good long cooking time. Won't be dinner tonight therefore, but I bet it will be awesome tomorrow...