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Dec 15, 2011 09:39 AM

First time for a foodie in VEGAS 3 day trip HELP PLEASE

Hi all,

I will be in Vegas Jan 14, 15, and 16. There will be 4 of us. I need your expertise on where to eat.

We are 24-27 years old.

Budget: 10-20 per person for breakfast.
10-30 per person for lunch.
10-40 per person for dinner.

Best Sushi:

Best Buffet:

Best BBQ ribs:

Best Burger:

Best Pizza:

Best Breakfast:

Best Lunch:

Best Dessert:

Best MUST eat:

Best nostalgic/cool/wow I didn't know that place:

Thanks to all you chowhounds, and a tip of the hat from a fellow foodie in Toronto.

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  1. Lots of threads on the board for your areas of interest, but here's a start. Some may be a bit beyond your price point for each meal, but if you spend the low end on some meals you can exceed your high end on others!

    Burgers: We enjoy the burgers at Postrio in the Venetian. Bradley Ogden (Caesar’s) also serves a great burger, but are closing sometime in the near future?

    Pizza: Settebello is always a good off strip choice. If you’re in the Cosmo/City Center area I would recommend the “Secret” Pizza place in the Cosmo. Really a good pizza and you can buy it by the slice.

    Breakfast: Bouchon. Another of our favorites is Verandah at the Four Season in Mandalay Bay. Huevos Rancheros are very good. If you want an old school Vegas breakfast head to the Peppermill.

    Lunch: Milos in the Comso offers an outstanding value $20.11 for three courses. This is one of the best values in Vegas.

    Nostalgic: Golden Steer steakhouse on Sahara. Hugos Cellar at the Four Queens downtown.

    1. Are you looking for restaurants only on the Strip? If not, will you have a car? Las Vegas has one of the highest taxi cab rates in the US. Where are you staying? The price ranges you list can be done on the Strip but it's going to be very difficult to find a lot in your price ranges. Your best bet would be to find restaurants off the Strip that cater to locals.

      1. Best Sushi: ???

        Best Buffet: Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan

        Best BBQ ribs: Memphis Championship BBQ (off the strip) get the baby backs

        Best Burger: PJ Clarkes or Bradley Ogden

        Best Pizza: Grimaldi's (off the strip) or No Name Pizza Place in the Cosmopolitan

        Best Breakfast: Tableau in the Wynn

        Best Lunch: Postrio in the Venetian

        Best Dessert: Bouchon Bakery or Jean Phillippe Patisserie

        Best MUST eat: Bouchon

        What I do instead of eating breakfast and lunch is just combine the two and either have breakfast or lunch. Then you can have a wonderful breakfast or lunch for $40 and then just get a snack and a number of places in between dinner. No Name Pizza Place in the Cosmopolitan has slices of pizza or China Poblano has a to go taco window. Some of the things at Bouchon for weekend brunch are simply must eats like 'chicken and waffles'.

        1. Best buffet is Studio B at the M Resort with Wicked Spoon being 2nd choice.
          Best BBQ ribs, the best of what there is would be Famous Dave's (multiple locations) but they're still not great like you'd get in Memphis or other places.
          Best Pizza depends on your style. For me it's gotta be NY Pizza style so it's either Broadway Pizzaria on Sahara or NY Pizza & Pasta on Sahara @ Jones.

          To do Vegas justice for these places and others that have been recommended you MUST rent a car. Check for specials, I've rented cars from lots of different companies and gotten nice ones like Volvos for less than $20 per day. One taxi ride will set you back more than that! Like Eric said taxi rates here are out of control.

          1. Lotus of Siam for lunch for the best Thai..considered one of the best in USA.
            I like the menu but their buffet is very popular..divey strip mall on Sahara about a mile from the Wynn.
            Burger Bar or In and Out..double double
            Pizza at the 'secret pizza/no name' on the third floor of the Cosmo.
            Wynn or Wicked Spoon at the Cosmo for buffet
            Breakfast.. Bouchon at the Venetian, Peppermill or the Wynn
            Hugo's Cellar at 4 Queens for old school..
            Country Club at Wynn for great dinner

            My niece is 24 and she loves hanging out at the Cosmo...have fun!