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Dec 15, 2011 08:39 AM

Reasonably priced chef's table

My family is headed for Montreal for Christmas. It is a trip to celebrate my son's graduation from the Culinary School of America. We have never been or know anyone who has been to Montreal so have no idea about the restaurants there. We would like to locate one that is French, has a chef table and reasonable prices. Something that will give our son a lasting impression of Montreal's great food and ambiance. Thanks.

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    1. The two restaurants I know that do that are Europea and DNA; Europea is the most expensive of the two.

      Better call fast.


      1. Martin Juneau's new restaurant Pastaga is French, is reasonably priced and has a chef's table. He won the Gold Medal Plate competition last year, and is arguably one of the top 5 chefs in town. The one caveat being, while I have eaten at every other restaurant where he has been a chef, I have not tried Pastaga yet. Every other place was more than delicious. Their coordinates are Pastaga, 6389 St Laurent, 438 381 6389 and their Facebook page is here:

        A) I'd agree with Max, that wherever you choose, call as soon as possible. And B) If wherever guys do end up, please report back. I'm certain that there are more people than me who would be interested in reading about your experience.

        1. Is 'chef's table the same a table d'hote? If not, what is the difference?

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            No it is where there is a special table (usually in the kitchen or very close) where the chef prepares a tasting menu for you and you watch him do his stuff.