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Dec 15, 2011 06:50 AM

Mail Order MEAL to send sister for Xmas?

My sister's going to be working at a hospital this holiday season and not able to join the rest of the family.

Any suggestions on mail-order foods I can send her, (she's in Philadelphia), so she'll have a delicious dinner surprise over Xmas?

Thinking more on the front of mail order meals/prepared foods like lobster pot pie, great frozen ethnic meals (e.g. Tucson Tamale, if anyone can weigh in on how good that is)..... just great FOOD she can keep in the freezer as opposed to mail order snacks.

All recommendations would be so welcome!

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  1. A ham from "Ham I Am", or one of their breakfast samplers. No, I don't work for them, but they have great food, and good customer service. And I like the name!

    1. try Home Bistro. I like the crab cakes
      and jamabalaya (on sale right now).

      1. I sent a surf and turf meal from this place to my aunt and uncle last week and it was a huge hit!

        Price is on the high end, but they said the quality was outstanding. It was shipped in dry ice and even came with butter and little lobster forks. I was really happy to hear how much they enjoyed it.

        1. Will she be home at some point on Christmas Day, and just not able to travel home because of other days scheduled? If so, you may want to post to the Philadelphia board. They might know of a local restaurant with which you can arrange delivery of a meal, rather than have her heat something up.