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Dec 15, 2011 05:12 AM

"Fancy" Veggie Restaurant Options?

Hi all,

My girlfriend and I are both vegetarians and we've tried many Toronto-area veggie friendly restaurants, but for New Year's eve we'd like to go somewhere on the fancy side. We're not expecting to find an exclusive A-level veggie restaurant, but are there any well-regarded restaurants that contain a decent selection of veggie offerings?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Not sure how much you're willing to spend for a NYE dinner but how about Canoe or George? Went to Canoe for NYE two years ago and they prepared a vegan tasting menu for my husband. Before making a reservation, I called to make sure they could do this as the menu didn’t really list vegetarian options. And George always offers a vegetarian tasting menu so might be worth calling to find out if it’s an option for their NYE menu (not clear from their website).

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      Most restaurants will prepare you a veggie dish if you call in advance.

    2. Fressen would likely suit your veg*n needs. It is the most upscale veg*n restaurant in TO. But having said that my SO and I recently experienced George's vegan tasting menu and have decided that George will now be that special place, when the occasion presents itself. Like others have said, it's recommended to call ahead.

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        what was served at george for the tasting menu?

      2. The last time I checked, Woodlot has a totally separate Vegan menu. While it's not considered fine dining, it is really good and lively.

        1. All great veggie-friendly spots. Sorry, but I doubt you'll get a reservation for NYE at any of them other than Fressen. Have you been to Cafe 668 or Live Organic Food Bar?

          Cafe 668
          885 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J1V9, CA

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            I like Cafe 668 a lot. Just wish it wasn't always so cold in there!

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              Even if you can get a reservation I wouldn't expect them to be at their best with creative off-menu selections on NYE... seems like if you really want a special veg meal a slower night would be a better bet.

            2. I've gone to By The Way Cafe for two years in the last 3 or 4 years and I've always enjoyed it; it's veggie-friendly. It's always festive if not overly fancy. I've always considered going to Fressen and might try that this year. I would think it would be a bit more fancy.

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