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I need ideas for a PINK cake---can you help?

My wonderful coworker is having a baby girl after two "all boy" boys. (These guys were using hockey sticks before they could walk!!!)

Any ideas for a pink cake? I know I could just tint the frosting pink, but you guys will have much more creative ideas than that, I am sure :0)

For what it's worth, I have many pounds of frozen raspberries--picked from our backyard patch this summer---in my freezer. Bonus points for cakes using frozen raspberries somehow (filling? curd? other use?)

Thanks in advance.


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  1. I used to have a recipe with a sponge cake base and raspberry mouse icing. To make the raspberry mousse, you juiced and strained the raspberries, added some gelatin and then the cream and whipped to make a mouse. You brush the cake with some alcohol(Chambord, but you could always use juice instead) before putting the mousse in. Then, you decorate.

    1. http://lookimadethat.com/2011/09/26/s...

      Maybe you could use raspberries instead of the strawberry puree in this cake? I'm kicking myself that I only found this recipe once strawberry season was over!

      1. I searched for "raspberry cake" on the Martha Stewart website, and got


        Some of these are bound to be pink!

        Or you could have raspberry shortcake, or a white cake *marbled* with pink-tinted batter.
        I think pink lemonade is made pink by raspberry juice, so a pink lemon cake might be nice.

          1. I saw a show recently called "the best thing I ever made". Someone was doing a segment on a Victorian rose geranium cake. It sounded lovely, if you want to do something very feminine and out of the ordinary. And, they did add red food coloring to the icing to make it pink.

            1. All of the ideas here sound great for flavoring. For coloring, I would suggest using beet juice -- I collect mine right out of the can of sliced beets, and I use it in my devil's food cake along with cocoa for a sortof red tint (it's not bright red like commercial red velvet), and it actually adds a nice, subtly sweet flavor to the cake. I think that without the cocoa present a bit of beet juice could go a longer way in coloring the cake.

              1. You could do a raspberry frosting:


                My daughter is allergic to red dye, which made it challenging when she was younger and her favorite color was pink. The raspberry/strawberry frosting worked well. All natural dyes left an odd taste. For something more elegant, I like white frosting w/ a pink lace ribbon tied around the cake. White cake w/ a raspberry filling would be a great taste of summer this time of year.

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                  That frosting is one of the prettiest shades I have ever seen!

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                    Oh my, that is pretty frosting. And the taste must be wonderful with that very concentrated rasp. puree. What tip did you use to create those lovely frosting swirls?

                    Thank you.

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                      Oh, that's not my site. I thought it was easier to link to something similar to what I do, than try to explain it myself. I've done those swirls with any of the larger star tips. The open tips work better.

                  2. I use freeze-dried strawberries to make a strawberry frosting. I tried using pureed strawberries and strawberry syrup, but the additional liquid made the frosting too soft. Trader Joe's has packets of freeze-dried strawberries, and I just pulverize them in the food processor and sift through a strainer to remove the seeds. Then just mix into your buttercream or cream cheese frosting.

                    1. Several weeks ago I saw a recipe for "Pink Champagne Cake". Goggle it and you'll find it somewhere, I'm sure. You can sub a sparkling rose for the pink chanpagne and get the lovely color you are looking for.