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Dec 15, 2011 03:21 AM

Suggestions for Lyndonville, VT area between X-mas & New Years?

We'll be up in Lyndonville (first time between Christmas & New Years) - any suggestions for good (decent?) food - for any meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner? Closer the better, obviously but open to 10-20 min drives.

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  1. Breakfast: Miss Lyndonville Diner
    Dinner: Tamarack Grill at Burke Mountain. Great atmosphere and good food.
    Kham's Thai in St. Johnsbury - surprisingly good thai food. I know someone from Burlington who drives over to eat there!
    I've heard good things about Willy's in East Burke but I haven't been yet.

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      I'm not sure what the hype is about Kham's. It is good for sure, but I couldn't imagine driving from Burlington to go there. Thai seems to be very subjective.

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        I agree. I couldn't believe it when I heard it either!

    2. Agreed on the breakfast recommendation at the Miss Lyndonville Diner.

      I prefer Willy's over the Tamarack Grill. Both are in East Burke.

      Cafe Sweet Basil serves Mexican food. Reviews are mixed, and it's quite casual decor. When I've stuck to the Mexican entrees I have been pleased. Other times have been very hit or miss - with mostly misses.

      For casual, Hoagies pizza is a fantastic choice. Their menu has more than pizza, and it's all quite good at reasonable prices.

      Timbuktu's has become more pub-like. It's still got some quirky things on the menu, though. If you are looking for casual turned up one notch, I would recommend this place.

      The Chinese restaurant in town gets good reviews. Not the buffet place - avoid that at all costs. I am referring to the one right at the main intersection in the downtown area.

      If you can get a table (which is a big if), the Trout River Brewing Company has pizza on Friday and Saturday nights. I've heard good things about their pizza, but I've never felt like waiting for a table myself.

      I've never been to the Pizza Man, but that's because I like Hoagies a lot.

      The Freighthouse is good for coffee or ice cream. I would steer clear most other things there.

      The Valley View is a throwback to a casual 1980's restaurant. Very fair prices, but think Friendly's or one step above.

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        This has been consistent with my experience as well.

        The Pizza Man is solid. I know Shane the owner and he does a great job with this business, just converted to a full bar with plenty of TVs etc. Never been to Hoagie’s, never had a reason with Shane’s place around.

        The Tamarack is solid, I would sit in the bar area for better service. That is where they struggle, dining room service.

        The River Garden Café can be fantastic as well. Willy’s does a nice job, but I have also had some experiences where their seasoning is way off…..as in none or way too much salt.

        Juniper’s at the Wildflower Inn provides a nice view and decent food as well, however I have only been there twice.

        Trout river is good hippie pizza……….decent beer, nothing great but good beer. The Barley Wine is decent.

        Kahm’s is what it is, for the NEK it is better than you would expect, but I wouldn’t call it a destination. I would say it is a place to go when you have a craving and need something. Their spice levels are pretty weak IMHO, the max is 4 star and I tell them to find a 5 or 6 star level if they can 

        I would avoid the Pub Outback for more than a beer, wings, nachos and a burger…….those can all be expected to be average, the rest is a total crap shoot.