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Dec 15, 2011 02:35 AM

Wanted: secluded Spanish beach town with good food


any ideas of remote beach towns/villages in Spain where one can eat well and look at the beach and not much else?

I've been spoiled with oyster days at Ile-de-Re...

Thank you!


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    1. re: JuanDoe

      I second Galicia in general and "Nito" in Viveiro. Had a very nice lunch of scallops a few years ago...

    2. Remote beach towns I think of the Cabo de Gata area. Maybe someone knowledgeable about the area can offer food ideas....

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      1. re: erica

        Talking about remote empty beaches, does anybody have information about eating in the area around Mazagon in December? Presumably most places are closed but are there any simple local places where we can eat mainly fish - Huelva maybe?

        1. re: kerriar

          Kerriar: I don't think much will be open at that time of year in Mazagon itself, apart from the Parador. You might find some simple food in Matalascañas, but the nearest good restaurant is just outside Aljaraque, and is called "Las Candelas". Great fish, shellfish and chuletitas de cordeiro lechal (and a dessert trolley worth the trip...). Another good one is La Plazuela in the centre of Aljaraque, up the hill. Plenty in Huelva itself in particular a little tapas bar called Condestavel (and a "Hypercor", great for shopping).
          Try also Punta Umbria; El Paraiso has a good reputation, but I have not been.

          1. re: monchique

            Thanks for that. We're staying in the Parador but this is most useful for "break-outs".

            1. re: kerriar

              I would be interested to have your feed-back on the Parador (and the area) when you return!

              1. re: monchique

                As far as remote empty beaches are concerned, Mazargon in winter clicks all the boxes. If you are looking for 20 or 30km of unspoiled coast line, this is it except for just a few navigational radar stations well hidden in the pine trees.

                On food (this is chowhound after all), at this time of the year your choices will be limited. In the parador, the food is correct and the staff is friendly but this is finally hotel food. A few other places remain open and serve an ok pescaito frito or a menu del dia for €8 or so but as monchique points out, you'll need to travel further for a good restaurant. Las Candelas in Aljaraque is alas closed and looks abandoned but La Plazuela in the centre of town was a real find - the carpaccio of langoustines was one of the best things I've eaten anywhere in 2011 - they sang of freshness and the sea and gave the oysters on Ile de Re a good run for the money. Thanks monchique.

                1. re: kerriar

                  Thnak you for the report and sorry about Las Candelas. We used to stop there on our way to shop in Huelva for the last 25 years, so we will miss the place if it has really closed down. I have to admit I have not been for a few months. Great to hear that La Plazuela is still good though!

      2. I would try Teulada or Moraira. beautiful beach surrounded by mountains, and not really what you would call a tourist trap. Food was amazing, great seafood dishes. The night life there is fun also.

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        1. re: frada

          thank you all a lot! We will rent a car from Alicante and drive in the direction of Teulada and see where we end up... does anybody have recommendations for restaurants in that part of the coast? (or, for that matter, for Alicante itself/)

          1. re: Littlemoskito



            I hope you will let us know how you fared, as there is not enough info on this area here!

            1. re: erica

              thank you Erica, that is a very useful thread too! We are trying some of the restaurants mentioned and will let you know.

              In the meantime, our route has updated because I was so curious about the Cabo de Gata area... so we will basically drive up and down the coast until Cabo de Gata and back. If anybody has recommendations for the coast along Alicante-Murcia-Cabo de Gata, they will be highly appreciated...

              happy new year to all!

              1. re: Littlemoskito

                back from the trip. We ended up driving up from Cabo de Gata along the coast to Alicante, and this is what we ate (people with limited knowledge in Spanish and the local specialties, very off season...):

                Cabo de Gata: the seafood is very fresh, the cooking basic. For more elaborate dishes than fried seafood with fries (e.g., Paella) you often have to order in advance. We loved the langoustines at El Emigrante in San Jose, the warm-hearted service and great view at La Ola in La Isleta (but not the food) and the background music (Flamenco played by a jazz pianist, not live) at La Taberna del Puerto in San Jose.

                Cartagena: we stayed only one night and had an amazing meal at D'Almansa. My favourite was the lobster salad, but my friend preferred the tapa for which they had won some tapa-trail-award (it's not a tapas place so that's the only one on the menu). It looks like this: After all those secluded beaches, both decor and taste were a refreshing breeze of sophistication while remaining natural and simple. The service was perfect; exceptionally friendly. I believe that they have a Michelin fork which is an understatement.

                Alicane: We had a great meal at Piripi, which is conveniently 5 minutes from the train station and where everything especially looks most delicious, and good meals at La Taberna del Gourmet and Monastrell. We fell in love with a small, tender fish called Kokotxas and were not happy to try local Salazones, which is basically dried, very salty fish. It was hard to find restaurants on New Year/ 's Eve, and we loved the NYE "equipment" that the Monastrell gave us (elegant looking little things to decorate ourselves and make a lot of noise).

                Being Chinese, we also stopped on the way to have some rather average Chinese food - once you leave the Cabo de Gata area, the beach towns restaurants become much more international.