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Dec 14, 2011 10:56 PM

Professional Masterchef (UK)

I imagine this one will be switched over to the Media section, but it is really a British show and no one else watches it! Has anyone here been following the programme? Any picks for the winner tonight? And do those chefs think up those exquisite dishes on their own?

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  1. I've been watching this religiously and think all the chefs are very close technically much more so than last year.
    I reckon it's between Ash and Claire and I keep swapping between the two.
    I'm probably leaning slightly more towards Claire as she seems to have a great deal of imagination. Also as she is young (and female) Greg & Michel might favour her slightly (in a kind Uncle sought of way of course)

    I know what you mean about the dishes but Claire is just out of college and so has time to research recipes, Ash does commercial catering and so needs to keep abreast of trends and Steve looks geeky enough to have his head buried in cook books every spare minute he gets.

    As an aside I watched last nights episode eating pie and mushy peas - which was a nice contrast. (I did put balsamic vinegar in the mushy peas but ... keep it quite from Harters)

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      Claire is recently out of college but for the last two years she has been working the evening shifts at a two * michelin resto (Simpsons)

      Ash to win though Claire and Steve will both be great cooks maybe chefs depending on their management skills.

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        "keep it quite from Harters"

        The mods managed to keep it very quiet from me by putting the thread in Media. As there's almost never anything British here, I only skim the board a couple of times a month (and then only the first page of threads).

        But hey, balsamic in the peas - there's posh for you boyo.

        PS: I think Simpsons only holds a single star.

      2. Aha... so Claire is not the newbie they'd like us to believe! I think I favor Ash over the other two, taking into consideration the previous weeks, too, and what he's done. All of them will no doubt have good careers and lots of job offers. The standard this year has really been very high.

        I always get the feeling that it all comes down to that last meal they cook for the final. I hope that isn't the case. And I wish this program was seen in the States so my friends wouldn't sometimes scoff when I say the food is here is better than anywhere over there. :-)

        1. I am about 20 episodes behind (I have them, just haven't gotten around to watching them). I have enjoyed Masterchef primarily for the initial schadenfreude episodes where cheftestants qualify (or not), but generally sit through all episodes post-qualification in one go.

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            I think the standard this year was a step above previous years. Throughly entertaining season and the right chef won.