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Favorite South Bay Sandwich Shop?

I know there is a posting longer than the Iliad about the favorite sandwiches in the greater LA area.... but a lot of the posting is old... and, well, I have limited time and would like to find some CH worthy places closer to home. LA-wide, my favorite is a toss up between the Godmother at Bay Cities and a pastrami on rye from Langers when I have time to venture out of the South Bay.

So, I was wondering what/where is your favorite sandwich is in the South Bay (in a non-nationwide chain)? It could be at a restaurant or a deli... anywhere really. It could be a hot sandwich or a cold sandwich. Hamburger sandwiches excluded, please.

I don't have quite a favorite South Bay Sandwich, although I did enjoy the Jamon serrano and manchego sandwich from La Espanola but I can't get super excited over it because I thought it was kinda puny.

I'd love some suggestions.

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  1. soft-shell crab at the standing room.

    the anchovy sandwich at la espanola is delectable, but it's just a snack on the way home after stocking up on groceries so i don't mind that it's gone in three bites.

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      Everything at Standing Room is fantastic. If people haven't gone, they should.

    2. Italian sub at A-1 Imports in San Pedro. Unlike Bay Cities, this is a real Italian deli and you won't find any mustard or mayo on their Italian subs, just oil & vinegar and a dash of oregano. Simple and delicious

      1. LA Magazine picked Sandos in Manhattan Beach for their HTC sub as one of the best 17 sandwithces in all of Los Angeles.

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          Photo of Sando's HTC (ham, turkey and cheese) served hot.

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            sorry but Sando's in now closed for good.

        2. Good Cuban sandwiches at Havana Mania in Redondo Beach. I really like their MEDIA NOCHE
          Midnight Sandwich. Ham, pork, cheese, pickles, mustard and a touch of garlic butter. Hot pressed on a sweet roll.

          Havana Mania
          3615 Inglewood Ave, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

          1. I'm a big fan of Big Mike's on Main Street in El Segundo. I know they have another location that is deeper into the South Bay that I'm sure would be just as good, as this is a hands-on establishment. They specialize in Philly cheesesteaks, and they don't skimp on the beef. I also really like their onion rings, which have a light battered crust rather than the more common bread crumbs. They also sell burgers and a variety of cold subs.

            1. I really like the Rinaldi's on Main Street in El Segundo. They have a lot of great sandwiches but my favorite is the Ironman which is a Chicken Parmigiana with Ground Turkey, Egg whites, Proscuitto and Cheddar Cheese.

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                I was thinking of suggesting Rinaldi's, too. I just wasn't sure if El Segundo was considered "South Bay."

                Rinaldi's always seems like it's crowded, though I always find a table and the line moves fast. You see a cross section of people there, too, from men and women in business suits, to totally casual, to cops and firemen in uniform.

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                  Rinaldi's also has a newer location on Sepulveda Blvd, in Manhattan Beach (in the old Ben & Jerry's location).

                  350 N Sepulveda Blvd #1 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

                  Original Rinaldi's
                  323 Main St, El Segundo, CA 90245

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                    Thanks for the tip. The new place is also called Original Rinaldi's -- which is ironic, I guess.

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                      Should've been Famous Original Rinaldi's...

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                  Rinaldi's is great! Love that place!

                  Ironically it was the first real sandwich shop I've tried so everything else seems to fall short in comparison. Over the last few weeks, I've eaten at Mr. Pickle at Torrance Crossroads, Sandwich Blvd. near Western and Torrance, and the Tropicuba Cafe on Vermont and Carson and they've all seemed to fall short...

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                    Rinaldi's has a website http://theoriginalrinaldis.com The two locations (El Segundo and Manhattan Beach) have slightly different menus and hours, but the same people run them.
                    The Manhattan Beach one seems a little more upscale with some fancier add ons, and they do bake some of their bread onsite. The people working there are very nice and seem open to you requesting some mods to your sandwiches (I assume if it isn't too hectic at the time).

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                      The one redeeming feature at Mr. Pickles in Torrance is their dutch crunch bread.

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                        Interesting. On one of the other threads about sandwich shops several people mentioned a chain place, The Sandwich Spot on Ocean Park. Seems like one of their features is you can get dutch crunch bread there also. I'm going to have to try one of these places just to try out about that bread. I'm sometimes in the area of Schat's (the Dutch bakery in El Segundo), but they don't seem to sell that particular bread.

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                          Mr Pickles on Crenshaw Blvd between Sepulveda and PCH sells sandwiches using dutch crunch bread. The sandwiches are just okay otherwise and the menu kind of makes you not want to order anything because they give the calorie counts of their toppings.

                  2. Santa Fe Imports In Long Beach, Worth the 20 minutes or so drive for the real deal Italian Deli.
                    The Roast Pork Sandwich is fantastic!


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                      Second Santa Fe Imports, less crowded on weekends. During the week workers from Ports of LA/LB stand in line.

                    2. Santa Fe used to be so worth the drive but, the quality of its meatballs has plummeted and they are no longer one of my picks. Even the new Seal Beach Blvd branch close to my house was a bit of a letdown.

                      San Pedro -- just "Peed-rowe" to the Harbor locals -- must be the sandwich king of the South Bay and any discussion about said topic has to include Busy Bee Market, my choice for best in the area. Be forewarned: The lines are Bay Cities-esque and it's cash only.

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                        Any favorite sandwich at Busy Bee?

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                            My two standbys: The cold turkey w/ Provolone and avocado or the meatball torpedo.w/ extra pepperoncini

                        1. Mickey's Deli for the Chicken Parmigiano w/ Egg Plant Sandwich

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                            1. Little Shop of Mary in Torrance - great banh mi, made to order with super fresh ingredients and house-made charcuterie. And served by the sweetest Vietnamese woman! Check it out.

                              Little Shop of Mary
                              2205 Torrance Boulevard Torrance, CA 90501
                              (424) 558-8198

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                                Little Shop of Mary--Hands down best sandwich! Order the #1 with the jalapenos in the sandwich: A explosion of flavor! sweet, spicy, crunchy.