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Dec 14, 2011 10:42 PM

The best way to bake a cheap ass ham?

OK. It is ham for Christmas. Going for the expensive heritage ham would not be appreciated by the group. So I'm thinking about a Safeway or Farmer's John bone-in ham.

IMO, it doesn't have to cost $$$ to taste good. What is the best way to make an average ham into a star?

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  1. I've done this for my last two ham events. People rave. It's ridiculously simple. More details to follow but here for now...

    The original instructions include a nod to sustainable eating and all but then admonish you to buy the cheapest ham you can get your hands on....


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      Bourbon, OJ, molasses, mustard and brown sugar. Sounds good and simple. Thanks.

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        i got a better class of ham and used this recipe. However, while it was ok, I wasn't in love with it.

        The high temperature freaked me out. As first I thought it was a mistake. Maybe it was the molasses. I'm not a fan of it.

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        That's the recipe I've been using for awhile now with raves,except I leave the skin intact ,score it and substitute crushed pineapple with all it's juices for the molasses.serve with Piccalilli on the side.

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        1. Fran Mccullough's, '150 Best Recipes' has a good one. Says"Buy the cheapest ham you can find." for monte's ham. recipe at

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          1. I like a wet cooking/ steaming or braising method as it helps get rid of some of the salt.
            I just mentioned this on the thread for a smoked picnic, but it works here:

            I have also used and liked Nigella Lawson's coke braised(not my usual type of recipe). I found it posted

            1. DON'T laugh -- this sounds so, so low-rent, but it's so, so tasty:


              Coca-Cola Ham. Good stuff. (sub Dr. Pepper for a nice alternative)

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                Or root beer. I usually do the Coke, just make sure not to use diet, you need the sugar/corn syrup.