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Dec 14, 2011 06:47 PM

Pool Tables and Food in Ann Arbor/Ypsi

I am looking for a place to shoot some pool (old school-style; putting quarters down and challenging the winner) and grab a good bite to eat; burgers, wings, etc. A craft beer or two wouldnt do any harm, either.

Any recommendations in the area?

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  1. Only place I can think of that fits the bill is Buffalo Wild Wings...there's one in Ypsi and one in Ann Arbor. I really like BW3 wings, and they have some craft beers available. The other place in A2 that has a pool table is the 8 Ball below the Blind Pig, but I don't think they have food. Ann Arbor iacking in the pool table dept. If you don't mind a bit of a drive, the Dam Site Inn in Hell (near Pinckney) has great burgers and fries and a pool table. It's a biker bar, though, but not a motorcycle gang type of biker bar, more like guys(and gals) with expensive Harley Davidson bikes that like to cruise out there on the weekends wearing custom leathers.

    1. anyone know if the one-eyed moose/full moon is in operation in some iteration? I know Raven's Club took over the restaurant part of the moose, but did they use the whole building, i.e. where the pool tables were? Anyway, try Sticks in Ypsi, above Aubree's on Cross. Good pizza and calzones, decent bar food, definitely craft beers on tap. I think they used to have $2 Bell's pint night, but that was a while ago...

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        Last time I walked by the place, the pool side definitely looked closed, but that was during the summer. Also, if you try Aubree's , be aware that they took out a couple of pools tables ( and put in some shuffleboard tables) so if you're going during a high traffic time you're going to have a wait.

        1. re: moose734

          I love bar shuffleboard.....I will have to stop over at Aubrees!

        2. re: charlesbois

          Thanks - I will head over to Sticks

        3. Visiting from out of town, we stopped at the Tap Room in Ypsi (Jolly Pumpkin and Sidetrack being closed for Super Bowl) - great burgers, great fries, great game room with pool and shuffleboard.