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Dec 14, 2011 05:13 PM

Microwaving in Anchor Hocking Batter Bowl

So I just got this "batter bowl" in order to make microwave peanut brittle
for the Holidays.

It is a recipe that I have made before in a pan on the stovetop but never in
microwave, and I was anxious to try it !!!


I guess it was a bad thing, to start reading about glass (anchor hocking
or pyrex) exploding !!!!!
OMG !!!!
Now all I can think about is glass exploding and raining molten hot sugar-syrup
all over me and my kitchen....

Has anyone had a bad experience microwaving with these ?!?!?!?

I am so disappointed.
I just got this item today, and I was excited,
but now I am sort of
freaked out about even using it
(FWIW, I have no pyrex cookware, so I was relatively unaware of this little problem....)

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  1. Pyrex and Anchor containers are generally safe for microwave use even straight out of the fridge, but never the freezer.

    When removing the container from the microwave with hot contents, do not place it on a surface made of metal or mineral like granite (or similar), or a surface that is wet because they can cause rapid changes in temperature of the glass. Explosive things can happen.

    Wood and plastic should be ok because they are not good heat conductors.

    You can always put the container on top of a DRY towel or one of those silicone surface protectors to prevent rapid temperature change.

    I have used my Pryrex containers in the microwave hundreds, if not thousands, of times to reheat leftovers and boil water and never had a problem. Of course, my counters are also composite so no worries about it causing rapid temperature change of the glass.