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Dec 14, 2011 03:54 PM

Eggnog pudding?

To make eggnog pudding would I simply use a vanilla pudding recipe, replacing a tiny bit of the milk with booze, and adding nutmeg? What if I made it unspiked, how would I get the eggnog flavor?


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  1. Why not try making vanilla pudding but substituting (for all of the milk) the eggnog from the store that you would otherwise mix into liquor? Is that cheating? I think it would taste good and probably would work well. But if you want to do it all yourself without buying a packaged product, I think the main flavor of eggnog is vanilla plus nutmeg. I don't really think the liquor is a key part of the flavor. But if you want a liquor flavor, I would try adding just a little bit of brandy.

    1. Don't know if you can find it nearby, but Bickford's makes a great eggnog extract flavoring. I just used it in sugar cookies, now eggnog cookies. Good stuff.

      1. Thanks for the ideas, Adrienne and pine time. Never occurred to me that there might be an eggnog extract. My first choice is to make it without store bought eggnog, but truth be told, it could happen that way. I usually buy eggnog for my husband but have been thinking of making it this year. (this, from the one whose house isn't clean, hasn't finished shopping, and has not wrapped gift one.)
        Don't know what I'll do yet, but if I get it made I'll report back.

        Thank you for your help!

        1. I made cream puffs last weekend and filled them with eggnog pastry cream, which is pretty much eggnog pudding. I just invented the recipe, but all I did was replace 1/2 of the milk in my standard pastry cream recipe with eggnog, add some nutmeg, and then whisk in some dark rum at the end instead of the vanilla that it calls for.
          Definitely tasted like eggnog!

          1. I might add an extra egg yolk, too -- part of what makes it eggnoggy is the richness.