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Dec 14, 2011 02:36 PM

MSG-free pho?

Still looking for a pho that doesn't have MSG.
anyone in the know?

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    1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

      frustrating. no one ever does. :(

      we ended up going to our usual place. can't tell if its the sodium load or if its msg, but man, my lips feel so dry and i feel hung over. we used to go for pho once or twice a month. now? every 3 months or so.

      1. re: atomeyes

        well the opposite of what you are asking for, but the pho at pho hung is kind of unbelievable in this respect. i've had pho dozens of times in other cities and never experienced this level of, as you say, hung over feeling afterwards. would love to hear about some accessible spots with a genuinely good broth!

    2. There are two restaurants mentioned here:

      I've had the Pho at Hanoi Three Seasons and it's not bad. The problem is, they crank the salt levels so you still get dehydrated.

      1. None are confirmed, but I asked my mom (half vietnamese, if that encourages anything) and she suggested Pho Dau Bo (finch/weston), Top Saigon Restaurant (finch/leslie), Pho Con Bo (jane/wilson). We also frequent Pho Linh, Pho Tien Thanh and Peach Garden but the ones suggested had very minimal to no "msg effects".
        She also included that "I" call to confirm if it was a big deal, or I make it myself or I were to visit....... continued with that people don't realize many places have minimal to no msg and complain about thirst while not realizing they have squirted sriracha and hoisin all over.

        All in all I would have to agree with her suggestions.... if you do end up trying Pho Dau Bo be sure to get one with beef flank. Grab a grilled pork banh mi at Que Huong next store as well. And for Top Saigon you have to get their spring rolls, and they also offer both dried and fresh noodles.

        Hope this helped, and also hope more respond :)

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        1. re: junkie

          FYI, i eat my pho with a squirt of lime juice, some thai basil and a crushed green chili.
          if i'm dumping sriracha or hoisin, then i'v chosen a bad pho restaurant.

        2. Pho Mi Asia Wilson/Keele
          Pho Bo To Lawrence West/Black Creek

          1. Any update to this, but in the east end? or York Region?

            September (and fall weather) is coming up which means pho-season in our family.
            Still looking for ones that are MSG-free