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Dec 14, 2011 01:48 PM

Crock Pot Brisket for a mob

Although I'm not much of a cook, I'm always tapped to make the Hanukkah brisket for about 12 people. Since I have access to two crock pots larger than my largest pots, I though I would try crock pots this year. Normally I pan sear the brisket after rubbing it with seasonings, remove it from the pot, brown onions and carrots and return the meat to the pot with water. At what point should I move the meat to the crock pot? After browning the onion and carrots? Any suggestions for making crock pot brisket would be appreciated, including how much brisket to buy for 12 people with leftovers.

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  1. I am also a brisket server at Chanukkah. I simplify the whole procedure. Put large pieces of onion on double heavy duty aluminum foil sheets. Put brisket fat side down on top of onion raft, add garlic, paprika and some buillion cubes crumbled ( wait, wait it's not bad). Seal very tightly and place in a 350 oven for at least 3 hours. No need to sear.... brisket will cook just fine and be tender. Shrinks 50%. Alternaltely, pour BBQ sauce over brisket instead of buillion cubes and seal.
    Refrigerate for one day, remove fat etc. Slice and microwave to heat the slices or in the oven covered. No mess to clean up, no giant meat to sear.... stovetop clean for the latke mess.

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      I was thinking of doing something similar. Sear the meat (several 3lb pieces), put them in an aluminum roasting pan with onions, carrots and water, cover tightly cand cook for several hours.

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        I would also bypass the searing stage. I used to sear every time and then once forgot to do it and really didn't notice much difference. I almost never do it anymore. Just toss the rubbed brisket along with veggies and whatever liquid you are using for the braise right into the crockpot.

      2. My crockpot gets too hot for tender brisket or corned beef. Even on "keep warm" it eventually boils the meat. I get a much more tender result by cooking at 300 degrees or lower in the oven or on low simmer on the stove.

        I understand that newer crockpots cook hotter, something about liability and food safety.


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          My crock pot cooks hot too. I believe Cook's Illustrated recently did a show (maybe it was Cook's Country?) on crock pot brisket where they elevated the brisket by sitting it on a overturned foil bread pan inside the crock. That way, it was always held out of the liquid and wasn't allowed to boil. Might be worth a shot.

          As for how much to buy per person, brisket shrinks a LOT, so I'd probably go for at least 10 lbs for 12 adults if you want leftovers, maybe more.

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            I have made crockpot brisket 2x recently with very good results. I agree almost 1 lb per person. Also I don't brown meat. I use mirepoix with 1 head of garlic sliced in 1/2 on bottom of pot and then do a spice rub on the meat add catsup , place flat side up. Cook on low 8 hours. I refrigerate, remove fat, slice replace meat in crock pot and boil sauce andpourover meat, heats in 1 hr. you get a lot of jus from brisket, you can use any preferred method to thicken sauce - I added a potato and whizzed up sauce in blender 1x. This is now my go to method- so ez, so good.