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Dec 14, 2011 01:38 PM

Where to dine between Cambridge and Ayer, MA?

Oddly, Concord (which would be a logical halfway point) is devoid of good restaurants save the very pricy 80 Thoreau. I'm looking for a good place for a ladies' night, nothing too fancy or splurge-y, but preferably someplace slightly better than Applebees. Western suburban Hounds, any recs?

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  1. The 99 in West Concord and Not Your Average Joe's in Acton are both slightly better than Applebees. ;-)

    Papa Razzi in Concord? Il Forno in Acton?

    There also plenty of places in Arlington and Waltham that are recommended here if you feel like using the search button at the top of this page.

    1. La Provence and Paparazzi are both in Concord. Fishbone's in Chelmsford.

      1. You could also try Atlantic Sea Grill in Acton. The food is good and reasonable. Main Street Market and Cafe in Concord is also good.

        1. The restaurant (J's) at Nashoba Valley Winery is quite nice.

          1. Maybe Chloe Bistro in Hudson? Its not too fancy, but cozy and nice atmosphere. Its a ways off route 2 though, which is probably further south than you want to be.