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Dec 14, 2011 12:55 PM

Pardes in Brooklyn--appropriate for a toddler

I'm looking for a nice place to celebrate my mother's birthday. Can I bring a 2 year old to Pardes in Brooklyn? It would probably be around 5:00 pm, if that makes a difference.

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  1. The service is rather slow and it takes a while for the food to come out. Does your 2yo get antsy quickly? It;s a small place, nowhere to run around.

    Foodwise, I don't know what your toddler would eat. The menu is very sophisticated...not quite kid food.

    I would call and see if they have a highchair/booster also.

    1. It's a bad idea. The room is small, with pretty tightly packed tables and nowhere for a wriggly toddler to go. Your order will be cooked for you, rather than being reheated, so dinner lasts a while - this isn't fast food. I could maybe make the argument that you could eat outside with a small child during the warmer months, but not in December.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. 5:00 pm may be a significant difference, for the two year old. Is this a time of day when she happily sits quietly for a couple of hours without toys while grown-ups are giving their primary attention elsewhere?

          1. The Chowhound community is an amazingly friendly and tolerant group--they disagree vehemently but politely about all sorts of food issues. There are a few flash points where that friendliness goes out the window and we get angry responses and flames. Unfortunately, the topic of children in restaurants is one of them, and we've had to remove a number of posts from this discussion that were generally about that issue and not about Pardes and children in particular.

            Please feel free to share your experiences relevant to this question at Pardes, or to suggest other Brooklyn restaurants that may offer what NYclw is searching for. However, we do have to ask everyone to please not stray towards the general discussion of whether children and fine dining are an appropriate mix, as we know the strong opinions people hold on this issue almost always lead to heated discussions where nobody gets good chow info.