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Dec 14, 2011 12:20 PM

Christmas in Harrisonburg, VA

I am spending the holiday at a cabin near Harrisonburg and I thought we would "go out" to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner but I have not been finding much open either Christmas Eve or Day. (Joshua Wilton House - closed, Local Chop & Grill House - closed).

Does anyone have any suggestions? Fancy not necessary but I would prefer a festive environment, and I think we'd prefer American or regional since we live in the DC area have pretty good ethnic food --although if there were an outstanding ethnic restaurant we would try it for sure.


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  1. American- try Clementine. Awesome food!
    Ethnic- blue Nile Ethiopian!
    Taste of Thai on High st
    Arepas at las chamas on mason st.

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      I'll call Clementine tomorrow to see if they're open and I love arepas. Thanks!

      1. re: zucchini69

        Thanks so much. I'll keep looking for something closer but it is awesome to know that we have some ideas not too far away!