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Dec 14, 2011 11:33 AM

Sit down mexican food for birthday dinner

when it comes to mexican food, I usually stick to the taco trucks. But if I need to find a sit down mexican restaurant for a birthday dinner, where would I go? Doesn't have to be super fancy, just somewhere with good food. Something along the lines of El Cholo, but with good food. El Cholo is horrid imo.

Anywhere from Silver Lake to Culver City works. Prefer not to go further east or west.

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  1. Guelaguetza on Olympic in Koreatown might be good. It has very good to excellent Oaxaqua food, as well as some more familiar generic Mexican dishes. It has a full bar, mariachi bands on some nights and has always seemed like a festive place for a party. And it's in between Silver Lake and Culver City.

    1. don't really see this mentioned on here but i really like Antonio's on Melrose for sit down mexican. mostly, i love their spinach enchiladas. if it's like 6 people you may even request a back room. i had a bday dinner there once and it was a blast. i think they charge for chips & salsa, so just know that going in. i also recently changed my opinion about Malo. when i first went i dismissed it. i went before thanksgiving and really enjoyed my meal and especially the drinks.

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        I guess it depends on what sort of Mexican food you're looking for. In my opinion Antonio's is okay, sort of, for old-school Americanized Mexican food with good drinks. I think the food is somewhat better than El Cholo, but not by a whole lot.

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          i loved antonio's 25+ years ago.
          either it's gone downhill or may palate had improved substantially.
          no longer chow-worthy, imho

        2. I send Guelaguetza. NO @ El Cholo their food is horrible.

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            Of course, at this time of the year, No El is frequently heard.

          2. Maybe just beyond the eastern edge of your zone, but worth the extra five blocks, I really like Lares on Pico. It totally fits the bill. Old school, but quality food and slightly less kitschy decor than other sit down Cali-Mexes.

            I know Guelaguetza is a fave here, but I've always found it cavernous and kind of depressing.