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Dec 14, 2011 11:32 AM

Peter Franus wines

I know this is very much an American based forum but over here in England I've just attended a wine dinner where the wines of Peter Franus from Carneros were showcased, including a sauvignon blanc, an albarino and two zins. The man himself was there with his wife and it was really interesting to chat to him. Lovely wines made in the European tradition, with great acidity and balance, restrained rather than just pure fruit and with good tannins. I've never come across a Californian albarino, pretty rare I would guess.

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  1. Are these wines available for purchase locally? And if how are prices? We seldom hear about California wines in the glasses of Europeans and I wonder. These wines sell for about 22- 40 dollars US. or 15-25 pound sterling.

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      Not easy to find at all but the winery owner was invited over by a retailer in York who does import some of his wines. Prices range from £17 - £22 sterling. Production appears minute, from 750 cases down to 70, so I guess they can be difficult to get hold of. I've ordered a mixed case which has come in at £239.

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        Thank you for reply. Considering the tariffs and such that is pretty good price.