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Dec 14, 2011 10:22 AM

Need a cheap, easy & healthy snack for a large crowd

I'd like to bring some goodies to work for my co-workers to snack on for the holidays. Right now I'm drawing a blank, my usual choices aren't going to work. I'll be setting the dish in a common area & we have about 100 or so employees who might be stopping by to get some. Peanuts or tree nuts are out of the question. I'd like something healthy so no cookies, cake, candy. Another lady will be bringing a vegi tray with dip. Another co-worker makes amazing salsa so that's a no also. I don't want to have to keep anything warm, a plug in is not anywhere near & an extension cord would be in the way. Oh & I don't want to spend a fortune or an entire day preparing it.

Some fun parameters huh?

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  1. Herbed, spiced or truffled pop corn (you can bring dixie cups and a serving spoon for sanitary distribution)
    "gourmet" chex mix where you pick the flavor profile and mix-ins
    Homemade trail mix

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      Chex mix is a great idea. I just googled it, who knew there were so many varieties? Crazy...

      I like the idea of the spiced popcorn too.


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        You're welcome. Have a great time.

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          The popcorn was what came to my mind first too.

          Places here sell little combos of plain, cheesy and caramelly. Together they are positively addictive. In fact, that would make nice holiday gifts.

          I don't have a recipe for making the variants, but there must be millions.

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            I love the chex mix ideas and wanted to add it would be nice if you put little servings in bags. That way people can take it with them and they won't be digging into a big bowl.

          2. re: adido

            Re: Chex mix - you can get the cereals at Trader Joe's - better quality, less $$$$$

          3. Hummus with whole grain pita chips.
            Hummus= canned chickpeas (drained), tahini, lemon juice, evoo, salt. Additions include feta cheese and a jar of peeled red peppers/pimentos (I get thee at my Dollar Store).
            To keep it even healthier, I add water to think it out to my desired consistency, instead of more and more evoo.

            1. what about a quinoa salad? I've made a large "tex-mex" quinoa salad with peppers, cilantro, corn, black beans, etc and it was a huge hit. It stays very well at room temperature because there's no cheese - I just made a dressing of lime juice and some oil

              1. Baba ghanouj is super easy - same ingredients as hummus, just sub roasted eggplant for the chickpeas. Get several big eggplants, roast all at the same time, whiz flesh with tahini, lemon, garlic and a touch of parsley.

                Pasta salad with a vinaigrette would also be good - no worries about mayo.

                1. Mm. I think popcorn is a great idea because almost everyone knows what it is. Heaven forbid you work hard on hummus / baba ghanouj and some people be afraid to touch it.