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Dec 14, 2011 10:10 AM

Not So Rookie Mistake

Let me start out by saying that I am a very experienced cook & baker, I know better to make these kinds of mistakes. I was baking cookies with my daughters last night. Let's just say they didn't turn out as planned. The cookies ended up being very flat & crispy compared to the nice thick chewy ones we love. They actually tasted alright, a little greasy but edible. I made the number one mistake anyone could make when baking, I didn't read the recipe or ingredients correctly.

I didn't have any shortening so I substituted lard. That in itself wasn't the problem. I was distracted and had a migraine so after double checking that I could substitute the lard equally for shortening, I used 1 cup lard in place of shortening. Theoretically that was ok too. The problem was that the recipe only called for 1/4 cup shortening. I was looking at the wrong line on the recipe. Crap!

Tell me what kind of rookie mistakes have you made in the kitchen when you totally know better?

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  1. i was making paella and using scallops. The recipe called for salting the scallops and letting them sit. So I did, then I continued on and when i was going to add the scallops i noticed that the recipe did not call for rinsing off the salt. Of course I "knew" better but thought just maybe there was a reason for it. Nope, was very difficult to swallow and my kids still don"t like scallops ten yrs later.

    1. I did the same thing recently, but by adding a cup of milk to a cheesecake mixture instead of a 1/4cup. I usually sub out the milk for about a cup of sour cream but didn't have enough sour cream, so somehow just got the two confused.

      I ended up slopping it out the side of the bowl and hoping for the best. Oh, and also added more egg because I was sure my old recipe called for three or four whole eggs instead of the 2 plus one yolk this recipe used. What's the number one rule in baking? Follow the recipe. Even when baking, I am incapable.

      The cheesecake was terrific, for what it's worth. I mean, who could argue about one measly white?

      1. three months ago i accidentally doubled the butter in a traditional cookie recipe i was testing. the cookies were luscious, utterly melt-in-mouth, and they were ridiculously brittle and impossible to transport or move at all. except to my mouth. although i probably should have just eaten half a stick of butter, at that rate!

        1. "Tell me what kind of rookie mistakes have you made in the kitchen when you totally know better?"

          I have so many that it will take a week to describe them all. Most recently, I tried to half the recipe because I didn't want to make so many waffle. Well, as I make my batter, I halved some of the ingredients, but didn't for others. The result is edible, but that is beside the point.

          1. I was in a rush the other night and was going to make a chocolate and raspberry tart for dessert. For some inexplicable reason I made a savory tart dough, cooked it and complete my tart only to realize before serving my mistake.

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              Could see this being a delicious mistake!