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Dec 14, 2011 09:57 AM

CH Pages hanging in Chrome

I've been getting a lot of CH page hangs on Chrome 16.0.912.63 (on a Mac MBP dual processor). A LOT. The page is "unresponsive" [I get the dialog/status box telling me this] (yes, the page freezes/hangs/stops loading) and usually have to kill the page after telling the browser to "wait" (repeatedly) for the page to become responsive. On rare occasions the page loads after a "wait" or two.

This does not occur on any other website, so far as I can recall.

Very rare on Firefox (although CH page loads are often slow on this); almost never occurs on an old version of Safari (generally fast page loads on this). All three browsers on the same Mac.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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  1. Macs running chrome abound over here, but to my knowledge none of the team has been running into the unresponsive popup. I don't suppose you have some example URLs of the pages that hang? Or will the same page work fine on one load and hang on the next?

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    1. re: Engineering

      Thanks for the speedy response.

      The latter is generally true (" Or will the same page work fine on one load and hang on the next?") although there *might* be a tendency [not sure about it] of unresponsiveness setting in when I load a thread with a large number of responses - like 200+ or so - which then makes all CH pages hang. (I often open several threads - from my profile page - as tabs in the browser I am using. However, the "hang" occurs even with a single page/tab)

      1. re: Engineering

        CH is still hanging...and hanging...frequently...on Chrome for me.

        In fact, I'm writing this on an old Safari browser whilst CH on Chrome is still attempting to load and has been trying to do so for the past 4-5 minutes. The page I was trying to access is still twiddling its thumbs while I loaded that same thread/page on this version of Safari within 10 seconds, then crossed to Site Talk for this post.

        ETA: That thread finally loaded on Chrome. FYI it was .
        Chrome spends a lot of time waiting for, according to the status bar at the bottom.

      2. I just now addressed this in another post. I was experiencing indefinite hang times using both Firefox and Safari on a Mac. The common thread seemed to be the Sprint ads loading up; I wonder if that's the case when other posters go to CH pages that are running the Sprint ads, too. Once I stopped the Sprint ads from loading up completely, my problem vanished.

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        1. re: CindyJ

          We don't manage our advertisements directly, but with a bit more information we can notify the ad team about the problem. When next you see the offending ad, could you please take a screenshot and attach it to this thread?