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Dec 14, 2011 09:34 AM

Breakfast or lunch on or near the St. Charles streetcar line

My wife and i are looking for a great lunch or breakfast location that is near or on the St. Charles streetcar line. We are staying uptown near the line and will be taking the streetcar towards the French Quarter for a post Katrina tour (they do not pickup uptown and will only do that at a hotel on the line, like Columns or at a hotel closer or in the Quarter. We could either take the early tour which is about 8am until about 12:30 and eat lunch afterward, or have a breakfast or lunch first and take the afternoon tour (about 1-4:30) Where would be some really god places to eat for either of those meals? THANKS FOLKS!

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  1. What's the cross street? Or are you willing to take the streetcar up to Riverbend (away from downtown) first, then all the way downtown? You have literally 100+ options, so please be specific about type of food/cost you are looking for.

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      Actually, we will be staying in the Carrolton/Riverbend area near Oak Street or on Carrolton in a bed and breakfast and will already be dining on different days and nights at Jaques-Imos, Dante, One, Matt and Naddies,Commanders, Boucherie, Brigtsens, August and Upperline. Looking for another great choice somewhere around the streetcar line.

    2. The CBD end of the streetcar line has many recommendable restaurants and probably many of the tour pickup hotels. Pick the hotel site where you want the tour to pick you up or drop you off and the locals can give you some close choices. To narrow it further choose lunch or dinner as there are some great lunch choices near the streetcar line between Lee Circle and Canal Street

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        This would be for lunch. We will be staying uptown either on the line or near Oak Street and already have plans to dine, either for lunch or dinner at One, Boucherie, Jaques-Imos, Brigtsens, August (lunch special), Upperline, Commanders (Sunday jazz brunch), Dantes, so really just looking for something great and different, but not too far from the St Charles line as will have no car.

      2. I'm a visitor so this answer may not be definitive, but I recommend Luke for your meal. Ask about a pick-up at the Hilton which is next door to Luke -- both on St. Charles. Luke's address is 333 St. Charles St. in the CBD.

        1. Luke is a good suggestion. Herbaint for lunch would be amazing! My pallete prefers Herbsaint to Luke. There a new place called The Irish House on the corner of St Charles and Melpomene. I've been a few times bcs I live near there and was really impressed with my breakfast last week, it's a cozy Irish "style" bar/restaurant where you can get a nice plate for breakfast. I had the Veggie egg dish on top of a potato cake with goat cheese and I will be going back for that dish. Other choices are...Surrey's (on Magazine) for breakfast, a few block walk through the lower garden district for a Costa Rican inspired breakfast menu with fresh juices and a variety of dishes. Enjoy sounds like a nice way to spend the day....

          1. We had a great lunch last weekend at American Sector, John Besh's place in the WWII museum. Two block walk from Lee Circle. You could walk two more blocks down to Cochon Butcher, the cafe attached to the back of Cochon - also a fun lunch place.