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Dec 14, 2011 08:52 AM

where to buy whipping cream that is not ultra pasteurized to make creme fraiche in Toronto

I want to make creme fraiche. Recipes seem to call for whipping cream that is not ultra pasteurized. Is such a product available in Toronto? I can buy ready made creme fraiche at Alex's but it is expensive.

Judith Gorman

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  1. Hewitt's is non stabilized with no additives, but I don't know about UHT.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. You can make creme fraiche with most brands of UHT cream, though not all (I can't remember which ones don't work, though).

        That said, Hewitt's is the real thing and is fairly widely available at high end places and natural food stores. Take the "best before" date very seriously.

        Liberte makes a reasonably priced creme fraiche (widely available). Liberte 30% sour cream also works very well as a creme fraiche substitute.

        1. As noted above, Hewitt's (or Harmony/Organic Meadow, even better) are actually just cream and much better options than all the rest.

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            Harmony is about $9.69 a litre, but may be cheaper at Foods for Life and other small organic stores.

          2. Obviously the OP has already done whatever it is she was going to do, but for future reference you can make creme fraiche just fine with regular supermarket cream. I've done it many times. I can't speak to the flavour difference between that and creme fraiche made with a less processed cream, but it thickens nicely and tastes good to me.