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Guilty Pleasures

OK, I realize this is far from top shelf cuisine, but "Welcome to Moe's." Don't know what has gotten into me, but I am crazy for the Overacheiver Cruncy Taco with pork! Have to get one every time I go Christmas shopping. The guac just puts me over the top.

Any other slightly cheesy cravings going on out there?

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  1. McD's Hot Mustard and BK's Zesty Sauce cups. Artifical, chemical-laden and fake, I'm sure. But I just get cravings for both of these sauces, so I don't care!

    I'll drve through BK and order a chicken sanwich, apple fries, and "lots of zesty sauce. Really - lots." I think it's just basically ketchup, horseraddish, and some spices, but I don't care - I love it.

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      I love the Buffalo Sauce that comes with chicken McNuggets at Mickey D's. Give me a straw and some sauce packets and I'm set. :)

    2. Nothing like a whopper and a beer. Don't ask!

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        Beer is on the menu at Burger King in Japan.

      2. Five Guys cheeseburger with extra ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, extra pickles, and grilled onions. I make myself feel better about this by not ordering fries...

        1. The original crispy chicken sandwich from Burger King. Something about that combo of ultra-salty chicken, sweet mayo, and iceberg lettuce.

          1. McDonalds hamburgers.

            Great, now I'm craving one at 9:30 AM.

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              i'll be traveling tomorrow, and i'm so glad that i finally have the excuse to stop at burger king! knowing that this travel day was coming, i have gotten myself excited for an egg mcmuffin (or dunkin egg and cheese) for breakfast, and then a jr whopper and fries for lunch when we land!

            2. Lately mine has been to indulge fried chicken cravings at KFC.

              Their Family Feast offers a 10 piece bucket, 3 large sides, 6 biscuits, and a cake. Yes. A damned cake, for about $25.

              I'm trying to convince the wife that continuing traditional grocery shopping is a ridiculous exercise as we can simply swing through the KFC drive though a couple times a week and be done with it.

              If it weren't for her troublesome fascination with fruits and vegetables I think she'd cave.

              1. Chipotle burrito with barbacoa, fajita veggies, rice, corn salsa, sour cream, cheese, and guac. Now I'm drooling a little!

                1. Is it a guilty pleasure if you have it regularly? As in twice a week? And proud of your own regularity?

                  McDonald's Filet-O-Fish with a Vanilla milkshake.

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                    That makes it a VERY guilty pleasure.

                  2. A large Arby's roast beef with pools of Arby's sauce and Horsey sauce waiting to be dunked into. I don't care about the rest of their menu.

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                      Pure Heaven. Sometimes I can get them to make the Large RB on a small (regular) size bun so I don't have to eat the equivalent of a loaf of bread to get my fix -- but sometimes this request makes the poor kids' heads explode. Sauces = bliss. Second only to the Taco Bell Fire sauce packets I steal regularly.

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                        Once a month or so I go to TB for a chalupa, I ask for it to go in a small bag. I sit down in the store and eat the chalupa, then guess what I stuff the small bag full of before I leave?

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                          It's gotten so bad that our local TB doesn't even put them out -- you have to ask for them. I always ask for ten even though I use only two.

                          The good news is that they bottle the stuff and you can buy it at your local supermarket. But not the "Fire" level, as far as I know, just Mild and Hot.

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                        Mmm..Arbys MID with Arby's sauce. A simple but very tasty combo.
                        Agreed about the rest of their menu. I hope they can stay in business.

                      3. Taco Bell. It's the most perfect post-gig food. I get the same thing every time: 5 layer burrito, 1 crunchy taco and nachos and cheese. *drool*