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Dec 14, 2011 07:27 AM

Purple punch recipe - ideas?

For an upcoming party, I'm hoping to make a purple punch. Probably it'll be a mixture of hard liquor, juice and other ingredients....and ideally it would be more on the light purple/lavender side of purple. There seem to be several recipes out there, but I'm hoping for one that is tried and true.

A couple of specifications:

1) I do not want the punch to be based on red wine, or even contain red wine. White wine is maybe okay, although I'd prefer a recipe that doesn't call for wine at all.

2) I would probably want the punch to contain hard alcohol, but flexible about what it is (rum, gin, vodka, etc)

3) I know there are some purple liquors that might be Parfait Amour, or Creme de Violette. Maybe even mixing grenadine and blue curacao could do the trick, too. So something incorporating these? I have seen various ideas for this via a google search.

4) I am hoping to serve quite a lot of people (~50) so I want to keep costs relatively reasonable.

5) I want the punch to taste really good!

I'd be very prepared to make my own syrups for this project (e.g. currant or blackberry or blueberry)

So, if anyone has any great ideas, let me know. Thanks in advance,

Dave MP

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  1. If you're looking for a punch that punches (i.e., essentially a large cocktail in a punchbowl), you could make a batch of Yales. 3 parts gin, one part each Creme Violette and dry vermouth. Lemon twist/slices as a garnish. The color is a light lavender; if you want something more toward magenta, use Creme Yvette instead of Violette.

    You've probably noticed this is basically a martini with Creme Violette/Yvette added.

    Or you could do the frat house favorite of grain alcohol and grape Kool-aid...

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    1. re: rjbh20

      I like the idea of the Yale cocktail, although I guess this would start to get rather expensive making it for 50 people. That's the main downside, otherwise a "large cocktail in a punchbowl" is what I'd ideally want....I'm trying to think what I could mix in with the alcohol to increase volume a bit.

      Or, alternatively, some sort of good punch that would taste good with the addition of creme de violette. I would consider making a white wine-based sangria/punch and adding creme de violette, but that might not taste super good?

      1. re: Dave MP

        Creme Violette is interesting stuff -- people either like it (it reminds them of the old Violet chewing gum) or hate it, thinking its like their granny's Yardley soap.

        You can stretch a Yale by simply adding a fair amount of ice to the bowl and maybe some extra vermouth and lemon peel, both of which will tone down the potency, which might not be a bad idea in a punch. Long strips of orange peel in the bowl might be interesting too.

        Another alternative is a classic Aviator Cocktail, which is gin, lemon juice, maraschino (Luxardo preferably) and Creme Violette (looks blue, like the sky -- get it?). A lot of recipes omit the Violette, but that's because it was unavailable for several decades. Because of the lemon and maraschino, this is probably more stretchable.

        Don't think a white wine/Violette combo would do much for me personally, but try one and see for yourself.

        1. re: rjbh20

          Thanks for the ideas. I'm not sure I will really like the taste of the Creme Violette.

          I guess another possibility would be to follow the Aviator recipe, but then add a small amount of Blue Curacao? Not sure what the color would look like exactly, or how this would affect the taste. I guess a blackberry liquor or syrup could do the trick too?

          1. re: Dave MP

            Try both with the Violette and see what you think. I sprung the Yale on folks at Thanksgiving and it was pretty successful. The maraschino in the Aviator has a distinct flavor that sort of overcomes the violette, which is there for color more than anything.

            In any event, i'd make sure to do a trial run of anything you decide on before springing it on 50 people, to say nothing of investing in the booze.

            1. re: Dave MP

              Creme de cassis would also work well for tinting (and has a sophisticated flavor). Not that I would necessarily add it to an Aviation (that's the actual name of the cocktail), but might be good in a variation of the French 75, which is gin, lemon juice, ugar, and Champagne. You could do gin, lemon juice, creme de cassis, and sparkling wine, which I bet would be pretty delicious. The sparkling wine would stretch it.

              Here's a classic French 75:

              1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                Correct on the name; my mistake.

                Re the cassis, I'd think that its more on the red than true purple side (similar to Yvette), but its been awhile since I've had it.

                1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                  Cool, I think we're gonna go with this French 75 idea. I like that the sparkling wine will help stretch it, and I think with just the right amount of creme de cassis, I can make it a nice light purple color.

                  Maybe we'll also make a punch based on grape/blackberry juice, so we can have two options (one dark purple, one light purple)

                  If anyone has other ideas, that would be is on Saturday.

                  I will be sure to report back with results (hopefully pictures too)

                  Dave MP

        2. I looked around are quite a few blackberry and gin drinks, some call for blackberry liquor, others for syrup, other call for infusing the gin with blackberries.

          Maybe a gin and tonic with blackberry syrup? Not really a "punch" but you could serve it in a bowl with some floating blackberries and limes slices.

          Here are some other blackberry and gin recipes.

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          1. re: luciaannek

            Cool, thanks for these links! Blackberry liquor is an interesting idea..

          2. I make a punch like this one. The only difference for mine is I add a little Triple Sec too.


            1. Have you considered using agua de jamaica (hah-MY-kah) as your juice base? It's easy to make—you boil a lot of water, add a lot of dried hibiscus bracts (which you can buy in any Latino market or order online) and sugar, and let it cool. It tastes a little like fruit punch and is a very magenta-y purply colour. You could mix it with tequila blanco, citrus, maybe something anise-y (I'd use avocado leaves en chiffonade, but you could use aniseed, or even something like pastis or arak) to provide contrast.

              It'd basically be a giant, creative margarita.

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              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                Or chicha morada
                made with Peruvian purple corn, and spiked with their local rum (pisco)?

                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  I did think about jamaica, but I'm worried this would produce more of a red color than what I'm looking for, since it's really toward the red side of purple (akin to red wine). But the idea is good, just not the color....although I could maybe see what blue curacao (or blue food coloring, for that matter) would look like added to jamaica.

                  Chicha morada might be too much of a stretch for the guests at this party, but perhaps I'll try this one day. Not sure if the pisco/chicha morada combo would be good or gross, though

                  1. re: Das Ubergeek

                    I was thinking of dried hibiscus too. Yes it does kind of have that fruit punch taste (but better) and is magenta. Maybe more reddish than purple though?

                    What about using concord grape juice as a base. You can get it jarred or get frozen concentrate. It does taste fantastic, and you could add liquor to that.

                  2. Hi Dave
                    My mother gave me what she says is the original recipe for the famous Purple Passion punch served in the 30's and 40's. (I was born in 1942, probably as a result of this stuff). I made and sold it to my fraternity brothers in the '60's. Absolutely 2 thumbs up (or 4, as the night went on). This is her exact wording:
                    2 extra large grapefruit juice
                    3 extra large pineapple juice
                    3 cans lemon juice
                    1 qt. Bar-X mix
                    3 qts. grape juice
                    1 #2 can orange juice
                    3 of either ginger ale, lime rickey, or white soda
                    3 pts. grain alcohol
                    25# ice
                    Add alcohol to taste (if memory serves, I added a little more, probably another pt. but taste first)
                    WARNING: This stuff goes down really easy and often results in pregnancy.

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                    1. re: SonyBob

                      This is pretty hilarious. What is Bar-X mix?