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Dec 14, 2011 02:09 AM

ISO holy basil and tumeric leaf

I want to look for two of these specific ingredients, (especially the tumeric leaf for rendang)...hopefully at the same retailer if possible for some curries I want to prepare in the near future. Would it be at Hen Long at Surrey as many of you have suggested? Much thanks.

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  1. It is hard to find these ingredients. I have seen holy basil at 88 Supermarket the odd time. Hen Long might have it too. I have never seen tumeric leaf...but if there is one place that will have it, it would be Hen Long. Good luck and please report back if you do find some,

    1. what is holy basil used in usually? interestingly, I use holy basil and turmeric as nutritional supplements.

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        Holy Basil is called Krapow/Grapow in Thailand and is used in a number of iconic Thai dishes (e.g. Pad Krapow). Here, the much more common Thai Basil (Horapa) is often used in it's place. Thai Basil has a stronger, more "licorice-y" flavour than Holy Basil (which can be described as "citrus-y"). Holy Basil is probably the favourite basil of the Thai people. If you have an opportunity to buy them both at the same time, do it - and perform a taste test.