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Food processors....Kitchenaid KFP1333 vs. Cuisinart FP-12/FP-14

I am looking for a new food processor, and looking at the kitchenaid KFP1333 and cuisinart FP-12 or FP-14 models.

Both have nested bowls (the KA has 4 and 13 cups bowls) (the Cuisinart 4 and 12 cups bowls, or 4, 11 and 14 cup bowls). Both have adjustable slicing disks, thought the KA's can be adjusted externally. Pricing is very close for both, depending where you look.

Any input? PLEASE?

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  1. In most respects, it's a close call. They are both considered to be very good machines. To me, I'd rather have a 14 cup than anything smaller. 14 sounds really big until one starts doing a bigger job and then it's nice to have the extra headroom. Even still, there are certain things that I must do in 2 batches instead of 1 - with a 14 cup device.

    When I was researching food processors before I pulled the trigger, I steered slightly away from either kitchenaid or cuisinart but I don't recall which one - merely based from a concern as to perhaps more of a chance of cracked bowls over time. I'd recommend that you take a good deep look at the HUNDREDS of user reviews for specific models on Amazon. There will be loads of very detailed reviews for pretty much every model sold.

    In the end, I went with the Braun model, 14 cup. I liked the variable speed control and power of it. It's a good model and I have been pleased with it's performance so far. It also had good reviews and is German made - to me a plus. I've only had it for 2 years or so. I can't speak directly to what it's like using it vs either of the other 2 major brands.

    I hope this helps.


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      Boy do I know it's a close call...that's why I was seeking input.. The size difference to me is almost inconsequential, so that is not what I am focusing on personally...12 vs. 13 vs 14 cups...all close.

      I looked at both and they are VERY close. The Cuisinart FP-14 has 3 bowls as does the KA KFP1333, but the Cuisinart is a bit more money. The Cuisinart FP-12 only has 2 bowls, and is much closer to the KA's price, but I am concerned that the locking device on the Cuisinarts might snap in the back where you hook it under the workbowl's pouring spout..then you're left forking over $50 for a new bowl.

      Yet on the KA I do like the 3 different size pushers (one is larger), compared to the Cuisinart's 2 pushers).

      The other thing I find interesting is that the KA has a low and a high speed, as well as a pulse. The Cuisinarts have on/off/pulse, and a dough speed on the 14 spped.

      Is the low and high of the KA worth anything, or just another gimmick?

      1. re: BFcook

        I can't speak to the value of low/high of the KA as I've never used it. I do like having 16 speeds on my braun. There are numerous occassions where I will set it to 4 or 6 or 8 for softer foods. 16 is great for chopping nuts but not so hot for slicing up lots of veggies - it's just too darn fast and they get overly butchered instead of nice clean slices.

        I don't know that having multiple bowls would be all that helpful. Maybe someone else can speak to this better than I since I don't have that option anyway. When I use my food processor it's usually when I need to deal with larger quantities. If I only need to do 1-2 cups of whatever, I can do it faster and better with either a good knife or my blender - and then I don't have to have all the extra cleanup. When I puree onions for a sauce I strictly use a knife for rough chopping and then my blender to completely puree them, then toss in garlic, etc. - to fully incorporate them.

        Thing is - we do very little baking - and so there might be all sorts of things that an avid baker would use one for that we just don't ... and so our perspective is perhaps less applicable to what your needs are?

        What I love best about the food processor is that we can make our own protein bars with it. It is far too difficult to do these without a food processor. Even still, we need to do 2 runs to get a really high quality result, with all the ingredients perfectly incorporated - and that's just for one 13x9 pyrex dish or 18 bars.

    2. I just returned my KA Architect FP to Macys after issues with KA CS. Long story short, the plastic bowl could not withstand the powerful motor, and small chips of plastic were being dumped into my food. This happened over the course of several months. I was still under the manufacturer's one year warranty and KA said they would gladly send me a new bowl as a one-tome courtesy (the motor and other accessories were in fabulous condition and I LOVE the color of the Architect series). My concern was that a new bowl would do the same thing, but there was no other bowl available (glass would be great). They had no answer for me when I asked what my options were if this happened again. I think I would either have to buy bowls on my own or pay for an extended warranty which *might* cover that, but probably not ....this would kick in if I needed a new machine entirely. I later saw at Amazon that a few other people reported problems with the bowls, too.

      Extra details: The KA CS guy asked me if I was grinding nuts in the processor - that might have caused the dents. I hadn't, actually, but nicely reminded him that if I did need to do that the proper machine WOULD be a food processor. I didn't tax my machine and hand washed everything; I mostly made pastry dough in it (and yes, flour does spill out if you do a double batch of anything). The markings on the bowl were random and it had nothing to do with the blade.

      I had my receipt and Macys took it back. I am bummed but will have to find another brand. Personally, I think KA is coasting on a good reputation from years gone by.

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      1. re: Pomander

        Are you referring to the 13cup KFP 1333 with the external adjustrable slicing blade? I thought I read all the reviews everywhere and never saw any mention of anyone having small chips of plastic dumped into their food. Are you perhaps referring to another model?

        But I agree...if that was happening and KA only agreed to replace it once "as a couresty" with no follow-up if it happneded again, I would run from them so quickly your head would spin!

        1. re: BFcook

          It was this one: http://reviews.macys.com/7129/393620/...

          Not the exact same, but if the bowls are made of similar material, one might have trouble. The other point is the lack of real help from CS. I won't buy from KA again. I had my processor for several months before I noticed the problem; I don't think it happened overnight. The KA processor has a good motor, the bowl couldn't keep up with it. I really liked the look and performance of this and was bummed to return it. Hope you have better luck, whatever you decide :-)

          1. re: Pomander

            Since it's not the same exact model, who knows if the bowls are the same. I know that the bowls of this new KA are BPA free, so from a health concern that is better...

            Thanks again...did you end up buying another?

            1. re: BFcook

              Didn't buy another yet...looking at the Magimix but it is pricey. I can wait a bit. My bowls were BPA free as well, which is nice that they thought of that. I doubt KA is going to the trouble to make different materials for the bowls (you never know, though...), but even if the bowls were thicker that would make a difference.

              1. re: Pomander

                I'm sure they buy their bowls rather than making them...so whoever makes them for KA would probably make them to spec....especially since bowls are not interchangeable among the different processors..

                I can't justify the price of the Magimix for me... So I'll just stick with the cuisinart 14 cup which I just ordered at a really great price...

                Just out of curiousity...what do you think of the KA kfp1333 having 2 speeds (low and high) in addition to the pulse...I haven't really seen that on any other processor...the most "sophisticated" I've seen in terms of speed is the cuisinart 14 cup elite also having a dough setting...????

      2. While external adjustment looks nice I can't really see it as a huge advantage (pulling the slicing disk out and manually adjusting and replacing it takes maybe 30 seconds, if that). I've had the 14 cup Cuisinart for about a year and I really love it. Excellent build quality and the parts seem durable. There's a lot of discussion on the boards about the accordion seals being difficult to clean but if you maintain good practice and rinse after use they clean easily. I can see where they would pose problems if you let a messy lid sit out for a couple of hours where ingredients could dry and harden, but I've made lots of hummus and other dips in it where you would expect a lot of splashing and the seals rinse clean every time.

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        1. re: ferret

          I think I'm leaning towads the CUisinart, but see some of my replies to comments above. The one big thinkg I'm wondering about is if there are any benefits to the low and high speeds of the KA versus the single speed of the Cuisinart (both have the pulse function of course). Any thoughts on that?

          Also, I've realized it doesn't make sense for me to buy the 12 cup Cuisinart. For the cost of that and buying the accessory holder separately, it's about the same total as the 14 cup Cuisinart which comes with the accessory holder...and the 14 cup has the retractable cord, the third work bowl, dough speed, etc.

          Plus I can get the 14 speed in white for a little over $170 total at Kohl's with their always changing sale price, customer discount program and the Kohls cash I would get for a future purchase ($10 kohls cash per $50 spent).

        2. BFcook,

          For what it is worth, my wife and I still use our original Cuisinart (France) from its first introduction. One had to turn the lid to turn it on/off. Pulsing was tricky. But it served us well for 30 years and continues to do so. A few years ago, we looked at the Magimix as well as others. Then looked at models with adjustable blades, and other features. We settled on the 20 cup Cuisinart (Japan) which has no multiple bowls of various sizes, blades are not adjustable, it has on/off and pulse. It is admirably suited to any and all tasks assigned to it.

          The one drawback is the magnetic safety lock which is a nuisance, but necessary because there are fools who are capable of putting their digits into the feed tube in an effort to do what the pusher is for. It truly is a pain; but the machine is rock solid and does not stall out. It was pricey. I decided that adjustable blades were a gimmick, as were multiple bowls, speeds and the like. Just something that could go wrong. I did so with NO experience with any of those features. I may have been wrong in that assessment, but we are happy with what we have; it serves our needs well. Emptying the bowl, changing blades between tasks is just part of the adventures in cooking.

          Get the best you/your budget can afford and ensure that it has the features you need, rather than just want. Needs get used; wants are just wants.

          I don't know if this little monologue will help you or not but I thought I would relate our experiences.
          Good luck.

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          1. re: dcrb

            T hank you... More food for thought!

            1. re: dcrb

              The key advantage to the small bowl is that it has sloped sides AND comes with a smaller chopping blade. It's far better suited to making sauces, dressings or chopping herbs. You spend a lot less time scraping down the sides. As for the adjustable slicer, it's not really gimmicky if you need to slice lots of vegetables (and a variety of vegetables - there's no single thickness that suits every vegetable), you can go from very thin to somewhat substantial.

              1. re: ferret

                Maybe gimmick was a poor choice of words. I looked at a lot, mostly on line but sometimes in stores but have to say that the adjustable blades was strictly on line. No hands on, kick the tires sort of thing. I did, at the time, consider it a marketing ploy that would be short lived. They are still here, and me and the wife are still swapping out blades. Someday I will learn.

            2. I've tried both, wanted to like both, and been disappointed in both. Whether it's the sloped sides or some other reason - they don't process well. Pie crust stays in "crumbs", and if you're chopping anything the bottom layer turns to mush, while the top is left in big pieces. Although I love the adjustable slicer on the KA, both machines are built in a way that leaves large chunks of food unshredded or unsliced. The finger holes let chunks of food fall through, while the top and sides of the slicing and shredding blades catch both processed and unprocessed foods. I think the low speed of the KA is a good idea in principle, but since the machine doesn't seem to work well the speed is irrelevant.They are both also very difficult to open and close (for different reasons). I struggle like an alligator wrestler trying to get the KA opened, while the Cuisinart cover hooks in the back in a way that doesn't always close well, and then sprays flour all over the counter.
              These are both good looking machines (the KA is so tall, though that it doesn't fit under my counter), with features that may have sounded good on paper, but I can't imagine they were tested by actual cooks. I'm really frustrated, because I just don't know what to get anymore, but neither of these is acceptable. I'm coming from the traditional old fashioned Cuisinart; just got tired of spending money replacing the pusher and bowl because of plastic parts breaking - and wanted a slightly bigger machine. Love the idea of having a smaller bowl, even though both bowls get dirty if you use the smaller - and the KA is so big that putting all the parts in the DW pretty much fills up half of it.
              Any ideas out there?

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              1. re: sweetearth

                Some of the things you mentioned are user error. If you are getting big chunks on top and mush on the bottom it's because you have too much food in the machine for even chopping. As for pie crust staying in crumbs. Just pour it out of the processor and squeeze, if it still doesn't come together add a tiny amount of water until it does.

                1. re: rasputina

                  I do take the dough out (which I know is a better idea anyway) - but the question is not how to salvage it. The old Cuisinart did a fine job, so a new one should work at least as well. As for quantity, one should be able to process more than a cup in a 13 cup machine, but when you look at what's happening you can see that the food on the far edges of the bowl just isn't being reached by the blade, no matter how much is there.

                2. re: sweetearth

                  I bought a KA model KFP1333--the locking mechanism is a piece of junk. It took all my strength to twist the cover on or off; I would push against the bowl handle for leverage--all I could think about was that one day I would push the bowl handle off and crack it. And when I tried to twist it on, I could barely get the lines on the bowl and bowl cover to align--this was required to turn the unit on, so I had a hell of a time trying to get it to turn on. Too much of a problem...back it went to Macy's.

                  Got another unit--this one the bowl cover turns fairly easy, but the bowl itself is a b__ch to take off (though it twists on fine). That one is going back too--ridiculous to spend so much time and effort trying to take bowls on and off.

                  Bought the Cuisinart FP-14. Cover comes on and off like a dream--that's the one I'm keeping.

                  The "problem" with the finger holes doesn't bother me...never found it to be an issue. If it did, I would just cover the holes with clear shipping tape during use (scotch tape probably wouldn't work).

                  I haven't had ANY problem with the Cusinart cover at all...just latch on the back first and press on front to lock?

                  The KA and Cuisinart are about the height same...both fit on the counter under my upper cabinets. Cuisinart takes up slightly less counter space and, in my opinion, looks nicer than the KA..much cleaner look. And I think both take up the same amount of space in dishwasher. I haven't had any problems with larger bowls getting dirty when only using smaller on the Cuisinart because of how they nest...it's really impossible for that to happen unless you're not careful when removing bowls.

                  The multiple speeds on the KA would be nice I guess....but remember, FP's have only had a single speed for the most part since they first came out...even the highly rated Magimix only has one speed.

                  So, for me, it's the Cuisinart all the way.

                  1. re: BFcook

                    Thanks for that perspective. Maybe the latch on my Cuisinart was defective? I'd be nervous about taping up the finger holes, but I was getting tired of picking out and re-processing all the pieces that fell through, and small pieces of food ended up wedged in the rubber gasket.
                    Sizewise they are very similar, but the KA is slightly taller, and so doesn't fit under my cabinet unless I take the top off. The Cuisinart did fit. Maybe I should take another look at it, although I had just about decide to go back to one of the standard Cuisinarts without multiple bowls.
                    I do like the idea of the new machines, though! If it weren't for the crazy price I might even look at the Breville...

                    1. re: sweetearth

                      You're more than welcome...try the cuisinart latch in the store to get comfortable with it I guess.

                      Why would you be nervous about taping up the holes? sometimes I've found even with the best products you have to make adjustments to make it work for you. About the tape, I was thinking you cover the hole ever so slightly and on one side of the hole just beyond it you fold the tape under itself to make a kind of handle...then you can pull the tape off before removing the blade from the bowl so you can use the finger holes to remove the blade. If you try this, I suggest doing the tape fold over on the side of the hole away from the direction the blade is spinning so food wouldn't get trapped there.

                      1. re: BFcook

                        That's one of the things I was worried about - that food would get stuck on the tape. I guess I also feel I shouldn't have to go through a song and dance in order to get an almost $200 machine to work properly.
                        When you say the food falling through the finger holes doesn't bother you, is that because it hasn't been a problem, or because you don't mind picking out the unshredded parts and putting them in again over and over?

                        1. re: sweetearth

                          If food would get stuck on the tape, I would just toss it out with the tape...it would be such a minute amount. I know we shouldn't have to go through such things, but sometimes you just do.

                          I haven't found it to be a problem...I mainly use it to grate carrots, or slice vegetables, and it just hasn't really happened that I noticed...maybe I'm not too picky that everything be exactly the same size..

                3. We have the cuisinart fp-14 - I bought it for my wife about 18 months ago. I figured "bigger is always better" and it has the smaller bowls for smaller jobs... but, to be honest, it's so bulky and heavy that the thought of pulling it out generally annoys me. So does cleaning it - the lid has this sort of spring loaded seal that can't be removed, food usually gets trapped underneath it, without any easy way to wash it out. It does run like a champ, however.

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                  1. re: bsims76

                    I agree it's large and cumbersome...but for all the features I'll deal with it. I'm wondering if there's some type of very strong, thin "pad" this can be put on on the counter to make it easier to slide. Any ideas?

                  2. I own a Kitchenaid stand mixer, blender & food processor and i love all 3. I don't use the food processor too often, but i do love it & it works well and is quite powerful. The base is heavy, which is important when you're filling the bowl a lot.

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                    1. re: Cookingcutie

                      Which KA food processor do you have...all my comments have been directed to the new 13 cup model...KFP1333.

                    2. I purchased the KFP1333 with bonuses in January 2012. I was excited about the adjustable blade because if you're making something like apple pie, you don't have to slice by hand. It does save some time. I made Apple Crisp twice and used the dough blade for the topping as well.

                      I also made protein bars twice, but the second time I was unable to get the blade off to clean the machine. I used the chat support at KA and was told that the blade had "fused" to the shaft. Went on Amazon to read reviews and learned that this is a common occurrence with KA food processors in general. It can be more helpful to read the reviews from consumers who've give one or two stars because they seem to be people who've had the unit for a year or more, whereas the five star ratings are from folks who've just unpacked it and found it looks pretty in their kitchen.

                      I spoke with several csrs at Whirlpool during the warranty process and they all insisted that I must return everything that came with the unit. Three out of four csrs were very pleasant. However, when I received the replacement unit the bonus items were nowhere to be found, and I couldn't exactly remember which parts were included and which were extras. My receipt stated that bonuses were included, but not what those items might be.

                      I was relieved that I had not rehomed my old Cuisinart. I was never really impressed with it until I tried the KA, which now has the nickname, "The Dresden Shepherdess" because it's proven to be rather delicate and weighs about the same as the Little Pro Plus I've had for almost 20 years.

                      It could be that the focus is on a fashionable kitchen with appliances that are rarely used and replaced as soon as a model with more features becomes available. If you really want a durable machine, that's not going to be a mass produced item to the same extent and will cost significantly more.

                      So my food processor matches my stand mixer, but the one I'm using most often is hidden under the counter! Visitors tend to sneer at my old Oster blender, but that thing is bullet proof and isn't going anywhere.

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                      1. re: Gourmand2go

                        Sorry to hear about your bad experience. what bonuses did you get when you purchased the unit?

                        So, are you keeping it or returning it? FRom your posting it sounded like you were keeping it but didn't plan on using it?.

                        1. re: Gourmand2go

                          Also, btw, I had read through a lot of reviews and hasn't read of anyone having the blade fuse to the shaft....did they just literally melt together?.

                          1. re: BFcook

                            Hi BFcook--

                            I didn't use the processor much at first, so it was too late to return it. So, I plan to use it gently; I'm sure it'll be good for many things. In the demo I watched they would turn the motor off as soon as the dough came together--I think that's why--they were worried about it fusing. I did a Google search on the terms "KAFP blade fused to shaft" or something similar to find those reviews.

                            I think what happens is that the shaft sort of strips; it wasn't really clear though. I couldn't remove the blade at all.

                            The bonuses were an egg whipper and a julienne disc. Apparently there's a grater disk for nuts and hard cheeses that hasn't been released yet. There's also a chef's bowl. There's a reversible disk that is included too.

                            One review I read said that the newer Cuisinarts aren't as good as they were decades ago either. I'd be interested to hear what the Brevilles are like. I recently bought their entry level juicer and the motor is powerful, and I've heard that the Breville countertop oven is great.

                            1. re: Gourmand2go

                              Hi G2go...I don't know where you bought it, but some places will take it back far after you bought it...e.g., I know that Macy's, Kohls, Williams Sonoma will accept returns quite a while after you bought it..

                              Re, Cuisinarts not being as good as they were...nothing is as good as it was....I just know I'm happy with the FP14...

                              About the KA KFP 1333...the Kitchen Aid website says that that processor comes with the chefs bowl...you have to read the product description carefully, but it absolutely says that....when I had bought the KFP1333, opened the box and saw it wasn't there, I called KA...They said it doesn't come with that bowl....I said not true, read your own website....they said oops, it shouldn't say that, that that bowl wasn't available yet..but as a courtesy due to their error thy would be willing to send me that bowl at n/c if I would check back with them in a few weeks to see if the bowl was available then...I never checked back, because I returned the processor...but here is your opportunity to get it at n/c

                              By the way, when I pointed this out to them they said they were changing the website immediately....they still haven't changed it....

                                1. re: BFcook

                                  KitchenAid does seem to have good support, and that's worth paying extra for.

                                  I didn't realise you'd already purchased the Cuisinart--it's probably sturdier than the KA. Do you feel like you can just throw everything in, turn it on, and not worry about it? I feel like I have to be very attentive with this KAFP.

                                  1. re: Gourmand2go

                                    Yes, see my posting above on 12/25 9:14 pm (I had several postings that day).

                                    I'm not THAT fussy about performance...I think they may have been about equal in performance...I had just been through 2 of the KitchenAid processors...on one I could barely get the bowl off the base, it took too much strength...on the other one, I could not get the cover off the bowl...just way way too tight...So I gave up and switched to the cuisinart...bowl and cover go on and off easily

                            2. For what it is worth, I own a fairly old KA with nested bowls. It has given good service. My one complaint is that the smallest bowl--the one I use the most has cracked. I continue to use it however.

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                              1. re: sueatmo

                                Do you wash the bowls by hand or in the dishwasher?

                                When I was making my protein bars, I noticed that the KAFP wasn't grinding the nuts as well as my old Cuisinart. That may be why they're coming out with a grater/grinder disk.

                                When I first got the Cuisinart, the blade began to rust at the base and the bowl checked, but those problems didn't get worse over the years. I paid about $80 more for the Cuisinart.

                                1. re: Gourmand2go

                                  Since the FP is described as being dishwashable, that's where it goes to get clean.

                                  I agree that grinding nuts is not the forte of my KA, which is about 10 years old. It does do slicing brilliantly though. I love the way it slices grapes, for instance. It also produces very nice grated squash, although not the long slivers I really wanted. It doesn't grate cheese, although it might do Parmesan. I can't remember.

                                  1. re: sueatmo

                                    It should grate cheese--it's just a matter of having it chilled the right amount. I cut cheddar into rectangles and put it in the freezer for ten minutes. Last summer I did have a problem with it in the Cuisinart because I'd put the cheese in the freezer a bit too long, but inside it was too soft (hot weather to blame).

                                    I always wash anything acrylic by hand and in warm water. I'd use my juicer more often if it was all stainless steel.

                              2. I finally ended up with the Cuisinart 12 cup. I simply wasn't able to turn the KA cover on and off, so I returned it. I'm still annoyed by how much food ends up unsliced or ungrated in the Cuisinart, and I have to pick out all those pieces and do them by hand and then I find some more I didn't catch the first time. I'm not worried about an occasional piece here and there, but this is in large enough quantities that I consider it a design flaw. But this cover now snaps on pretty well, and I don't have many problems with food stuck in the gasket.
                                I'm still hoping for a better machine, though...

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                                1. re: sweetearth

                                  Sometimes, it's just the lesser of 2 evils...and I found the Cuisinart to be less evil I guess. Good luck with it.

                                  Y'know, on second thought, you really can't compare the CUisinart with the KA. I had gotten 2 of those KA's and I just couldn't get the bowl off the base on one of them and the cover off the bowl on the other. I thought it was going to snap if I exerted any more energy, not that I have that much...and I am not going to fight a damned machine every time I use it!

                                  1. re: BFcook

                                    Yeah, I noticed that right away--you're struggling to get the lid off it, and yet everything still gets stuck at the top.

                                    I think if I was going to make a food processor, I'd make it as ugly as possible just to distinguish it from what's out there now.

                                    1. re: BFcook

                                      The KAs are a little stiff. It is recommended that you not lock the FP down when it isn't in use. But I've always been able to loosen my work bowl and the cover with only moderate effort. I also don't notice a lot of stuff stuck at the top.

                                  2. Can I bring this thread back to life? I"m trying to decide between these 2 food processors. Although, based on the reviews from here and amazon, it is looking like the Cuisinart might win. I really like the idea that they both come with mini bowls. That is a big plus for me. What I'm wondering is if there is any leakage into the big bowl when using the small bowl the Cuisinart ? That seems to be a common complaint with the KA. I'm wondering if the Cuisinart has that problem. My main concern with the Cuisinart is cleaning it. Most of the negative reviews mention how difficult it is to keep clean because of tiny bits of food getting stuck in the lid and gaskets. Does anyone really love the KA 13 cup?

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                                    1. re: retromama

                                      Have you looked at the MagiMix line? While I am a diehard Cuisinart fan, the MagiMix line is reportedly very good. I believe WS has some videos as well.

                                      1. re: dcrb

                                        Yes! I do have crush on one of those but it's out of my price range :(

                                        1. re: retromama

                                          I understand the budget issues. I've not checked prices lately but the MagiMix has never been inexpensive. But it did come with a lot of extras at one time so maybe, machine for machine, they are comparably priced when taking in all the extras. Good luck with your choice and enjoy.

                                      2. re: retromama

                                        I do not love my KitchenAid 13 cup. I needed a much larger model so I switched to this. I would go back to the Cuisinart in a heartbeat! The KA is much harder to clean for me and 2 blades have broken since the purchase, they replaced the first one because it was basically stripped when I got it and never really worked right. The second was the dough blade doing only half the recipe...also the mini-bowl does leak every time. I am thinking of biting the bullet and buying another Cuisinart. You may see my KA on Ebay....