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Dec 13, 2011 08:59 PM

Dessert/pastry in dtw

Anywhere like pix in Portland?

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  1. My suggestions:

    Shatila (Dearborn), large bakery, plenty of fancy desserts on display daily

    Fox & Hounds Pastry Den (West Bloomfield), tiny bakery, mostly fancy cakes
    on display. They do special orders, sometimes ... but oddly declined to make
    a carrot cake.

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      1. re: rainsux

        If you want the best carrot cake in the world - go to:

        Carlyle Grill
        3660 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
        (734) 213-9800

        Their food is quite good as well, however their carrot cake is something special, they will also do an entire sheet pan for you for a special occasion if you need it, it takes like 3 or 4 days for them to make the cake, so make sure you have enough time if you need it for a special occasion

        It is worth the drive from Detroit area without question

        I would also highly recommend their calimari app

        1. re: Dapuma

          If you are a Carrot Cake lover as I am give this a try it is ridiculously addicting.

      2. Give Thanks in Rochester...if only they were open in the evenings since Rochester is amazing in December!

        1. I prefer Masri Sweets on Schaefer over Shatila. (I tried Masri and Shatila a few months back with some friends; we were kinda bored and hungry, so a comparative analysis of baklava sounded like a good idea.)

          Masri had many, many delicious looking things, as did Shatila. We restricted ourselves to baklava, though, since that's what we were in the mood for. Masri's was absolutely delicious. Sweet, but not cloying. Crunchy, but not overly so. Nutty, but you could taste things other than nuts. The pistachio baklava at Masri was, without question, the best I've ever eaten.

          Shatila was good, and it is in by far a nicer building. But, the baklava was a bit dry. They gave us a little cup of sugar syrup to go with it, and that helped, but we couldn't get the ratio right, so it was either way too sweet, or still too dry. Either way, the syrup didn't really permeate the filo, so the top layer would be moist, but the inner layers were still dry.

          Shatila and Masri are a mile apart (thanks Google Maps). I'd suggest trying both to find the one that makes what you like.

          While not as fancy as Pix, I've never had anything from Zingerman's Bakeshop that wasn't absolutely delicious.

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          1. re: Goneril

            I just found Dearborn Sweets on Greenfield. Less selection than Shatila, prices even better. I would definitely go there again. Very good cannoli!


            I adore Shatila but for super impressive and tasty cakes we always go to Sweet Dreams. They have locations in West Bloomfield, Warren and Dearborn. I do suggest ordering what you would like as there have been a few occasions their cake was the tiniest bit stale, still good, but they are to die for if you order for pick up!

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            1. re: Jack Freeman

              Yes indeed. Sweet Dreams has nice cakes, particularly for birthdays and weddings. They also sell little finger cakes for $1 ea that really wow my coworkers at the office. The carrot cake (sugary) is excellent, though I didn’t bring it up when Rainsux started the carrot cake post, as I had some questions about Sweet Dreams’ new ownership.

              The much loved old owner Michel Daher was trained in France and became a pastry chef for the Saudi royal family, but didn’t feel the Middle East was going to be a particularly safe place to raise a family, so he immigrated here and began his Sweet Dreams shops. He was killed in an accident inside his Warren store a year ago this week, just days after his youngest child was born. May God Bless him.