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Dec 13, 2011 06:21 PM

Who's familiar with honey vinegar?

I was tested for food intolerances and the results indicate that I shouldn't eat grains with fruit or fruit products (this includes fruit-based vinegars). I'm not willing to give up my balsamic, red wine, and apple cider vinegars unless I can find an acceptable substitute.
That's why I'm wondering if anyone has any experience making and/or using honey vinegar (or honey wine vinegar-- I think they're the same thing.)

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  1. There's some info available online for mead vinegar. HTH.

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    1. re: Cheese Boy

      Thanks, Cheese Boy. I wondered if you were suggesting another kind of vinegar. I'd never heard of mead, so I looked it up. And while googling that, I read on one site that mead vinegar is similar to balsamic. That's encouraging.
      Now I'm still wondering how easy-- or difficult-- it is to make honey or mead vinegar. Is it a lot of work and difficult to get it right? Should I should simply shell out the cash and order it online?
      Any personal experience anyone can share would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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        Vom Fass in Maplewood (St. Louis) Missouri carries the honey vinegar. I have not tried it but you can order small amounts.

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      1. I've found a few sources, but they're all either European or American. I will order from the States if necessary, but shipping would be expensive. I wondered anyone might bee aware of a Canadian producer? I know it's a long shot, but it doesn't hurt to ask...

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          Do you have a food co-op in your area? They are often small enough to really know their suppliers and open to new products/special orders for members. That might be an option to avoid having to order from the States.

        2. I'm into fermenting things so I did some research and found this.

          Pretty expensive if you can find it. Maybe you should try making your own.

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          1. re: Zeldog

            I have made maple vinegar - and it's delicious - but it's not just a matter of fermenting maple syrup until it gets sour. You start with maple syrup and rum, then add any natural vinegar (one that contains the "mother" which is the thing that actually turns stuff into vinegar). Then you let it sit for months. All well and good but I used a natural apple cider vinegar to start the fermentation - so this wouldn't work for you unless you have access to another type of natural vinegar starter. Also, I'm not sure what's in rum, other than sugar. I'd be glad to share the recipe if you want it.