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Dec 13, 2011 05:47 PM


Hi everyone,

I'm looking to try out a new brunch spot this weekend. Has anyone tried out Fabergé? Any opinions?
Or any other suggestions?
I've already tried Le Cartet, Griffintown Café, Universel, les Enfants Terribles, Quoi de n'oeuf, and L'Avenue.

Thank you!

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  1. No info on Fabergé but try Le Chien Fumant for Sunday brunch - highly recommended!

    Les Bouchées Gourmandes offers a weekend brunch special, otherwise Olive et Gourmando across the street is always a good bet.

    I also really like Au Pain Perdu (used to be Le Pistou) on de la Roche and Mont-Royal. And Byblos for Persian style breakfast. La Brigade Volante on Notre-Dame is great as well.

    Grange Vin et Bouffe also does a great Sunday brunch that's worth trying.

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      Bouchees Gourmandes on St=Paul closed several years ago.

    2. I went a few weeks ago. I had read some pretty bad reviews but friends chose the place and we obliged. It really wasn't that bad, actually pretty decent. They have some interesting brunch offerings. I had my heart set on the Mediterranean eggs benedict but they were out of phylo pastry so I had the regular ones and I was very pleased. My friend had the breakfast poutine and he loved it. he wants us to go back so he can order it again. My husband had the eggs in a nest and his only complaint was that the bread wasn't cheesy enough; I tasted it and I agreed. The dish was good and i appreciated the originality of serving the eggs this way but it would have been better if the cheesiness of the bread was more pronounced. Overall, pretty good.

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        I too had the eggs in the nest and found it disappointing, egg in hole of piece of toast, not really a nest and I too didnt taste the cheese. The other people were happy with their choices french toast with fruit and traditional eggs and bacon, omelette,+ freshly squeezed orange juice. Service was very friendly, attentive and we liked the decor. Parking easy to find. I would go back again as we like regular breakfasts without feeling hemmed in by too close tables, too much noise and there is no wait time.

      2. Have you tried Lawrence? (or the old Sparrow) Just fantastic.

        Last weekend's brunch menu:

        1. My current favourites are La Fabrique (the most interesting brunch dishes I have seen in Montreal) and Cafe Souvenir (more traditional, but not too traditional)

          1. If you're into crepes, Spanel is open for brunch on weekends from 10h to 15h. Delicious and inexpensive food, great portions, very friendly owner and waiter.