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Dec 13, 2011 05:35 PM

Excellent Venezuelan Arepa restaurant at Dubuque and Bullion on Northeast side called Arepera

Wonderful array of Venezuelan sandwiches, and homemade juices. On the sandwiches can be anything from sausage, to Venequelan stews of all sorts. Beans, and cheese as well. The arepas are made of corn meal and are wonderful and clean tasting. It can be topped off with a spicy Venezuelan habanero sauce or a mild avocado mayonaise like sauce. A good homemade salso was included. The juices were wonderful; tamarind, passion fruit, a kind of sour fruit, that didn't have an English name, and another which I have forgotten. They also had a chicken soup on the menu.

All the items were around $7 or so, and this place is a great deal for good clean food with a Venezuelan falir.

Arepera du Plateau
4050 Rue de Bullion, Montreal, QC H2W 1H1, CA

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  1. Thanks... the yelp pics look amazing!

    And it sounds like they have some really interesting ingredients like shark, crackling, boar, and then the more typical stuff like chorizo, baked/smoked pork, stewed or shredded beef/chicken, plantains, black beans, peppers and cheeses. It all sounds fantastic!

    My sister will be thrilled to learn that all the arepras are gluten-free too.

    I'm gonna try this place out tomorrow - looks like the real deal!

    1. I like Arepera du Plateau. The owner is super friendly, the setting is nice and the food is pretty good. I do find their arepas pretty heavy and doughy, though. I much prefer the ones at Tasabroso. Nevertheless, this city doesn't have much in the way of Venezuelan food so Arepera is a welcome addition.

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        Where is tasabroso? Do they have other Venezuelan dishes other than Arepas?

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          Tasabroso is on St-Hubert in Villeray. They have a pretty big menu. I haven't tried everything there, but most of what I've tasted was good to great. The setting is not as nice as Arepera, but the service is super friendly.

          The hours are a bit weird. I think they only open from Thursdays to Sundays and close pretty early. It's best to call and check before going there.

          7450 Rue St-Hubert
          514 564-4567

          Here's a review by the Hour's Maeve Haldane:

          If you're interested in Venezuelan food including arepas, there's also Bocadillo on St-Laurent near Des Pins.

          Boulangerie Bocadillo
          3677 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
          514 227-4041 ‎

      2. Agreed, this little place is very affordable and very delicious.

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        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. foodlovergeneral, could you please change your title? This restaurant is located at the corner of DULUTH and de Bullion, not Dubuque or Dubuc.

            Duluth is located between Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal métros, in the old Portuguese neighbourhood in Plateau-Mont-Royal district.

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              I reported the OP and requested that the admins change the title.