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Dec 13, 2011 05:10 PM

Laguna Beach: Gluten Free/ Dairy Free Take Out or Delivery

Will be in Laguna Monday with a group. I'm gluten free and my son is allergic to dairy. Yes, i know high maintenance! I'm with a group and they are willing to order based on our food needs and am looking for options.

I found Z Pizza which could work. Any other options? Any Chinese places that use cornstarch instead of flour? I think Chinese would be a better option if there is one that anyone knows of.

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  1. Post this on the Los Angeles board for better info. Just a thought though, if one orders carefully, I think you could satisfy both issues on *most* menus.

    1. First- need to say that I don't know the Laguna Beach restaurants so I won't be of much help with specifics but... I have long struggled with picking food to satisfy a GF diet. You are not high maintenance....Concentrate on what you want to eat, not on what you can't.
      I am not aware of a Chinese restaurant that uses flour to thicken things. You do however need to order carefully because of soy sauce. Thai is usually a more GF user friendly option.
      Mexican is always a good choice- stay away from the chains however as they often used canned broths and mixed flour and corn chips ( even in the corn products).

      1. Given that is it Laguna Beach, that could be half the restaurants in town (except Chinese). Do you have any other specific type of food or price range?

        1. Bumping an old post--I need some gluten- and dairy-free dinner options in Laguna for the Pageant this coming Sun Aug 12. No sushi, no Mexican, no vegan, no super expensive 5 start restaurants, and no divey places either. Help?! (I did post a separate thread but thought I would BUMP this thread just in case it would help...)