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Dec 13, 2011 03:20 PM

The serendipitous moment: when recipe, pantry and desire collide

Was reading the "cooking for one" thread and saw a reference to Judith Jones' book "The Pleasures of Cooking for One", then read reviews of it on Amazon, where someone mentioned apple maple bread pudding. So I went looking for a typical recipe...

Well, goodness, that sounds tasty. And I have apples. And maple syrup. And bread (not usual to have a lot around, as it's my husband's weak spot); and also not usual: heavy cream (a serious temptation for me).

So I scaled the recipe down and there's now a pan in the little counter convection oven. I realize that these are common ingredients but I love when I run into a recipe that will allow instant gratification!

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  1. One of the true joys of cooking, isn't it?
    Sounds delicious!

    1. that does sound good, and it's nice because if you really think about it, you can make just about anything if you're pantry is well stocked. I don't mean with expensive items either, you just proved that you can make a very attractive delicious dessert with items most all of us have right now. We just need a little nudge in the right direction. Least I know I do! I was thinking about how much I love apple crepes with caramel when I was reading this....