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May 24, 2006 11:58 PM

petrillo's pizza - thin crust

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i just finished dinner - i ordered a medium sausage / pepperoni thin crust pizza from petrillo's in glendora. i was surprised to read in a recent post that petrillo's makes a thin crust pizza - i too love their sausage ( i need to get back to the "eagle rock institution" to compare their sausage - i thought i liked the ERI more but tonight's pizza makes me wonder if i was in error. )

I also ordered lasagna for my daughter - i mention this because when i picked up my order, i put the lasagna on top when i was walking out, i thought - damn, this is heavy - did they give me a regular crust ? then i thought, it must be the lasagna...

i get home, lift the pizza separately...felt like it weighed 10 pounds !!( remember this is their medium pizza )

opened the box - it was thin crust ...and the weight was due to what looked like 2 pounds of sausage a whole lotta cheese...i was worried it would be limp - interestingly - a couple pieces were limp, yet the others weren't ( i ate 4 pieces - they are square cuts - i was stuffed ! ) i did ask for crispy and it was on the edges - overall - i loved this pizza !! normally i like a thinner cover of cheese and less sausage, but damn - this sausage tastes great and it's easy to remove the sausage and it eat later !!

from now on, i will order the pizza thin crust.

i too like pizza the morning after - i'll be interested to see/taste how it all holds up

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    Reality Check

    Location please?

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    1. re: Reality Check

      750 w. route 66
      glendora, ca 91740

      626 335-1299

      they are also in san gabriel and i believe one other location - though i can't remember

    2. How was the lasagna?

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      1. re: Monica

        not sure - i think there's some leftover from last night - it was a very large serving for $10 - it came with 2 very large rolls - i'm on the town again for lunch and dinner today in pasadena so i doubt i will eat it until breakfast tomorrow.

        1. re: Monica

          Petrillo's lasagna is my wife's fav and I might add that lasagna is what she orders every thime it is on the menu. It is very large and she always takes half for lunch the next day.

          About the thin crust pizza. I agree it has so much cheese amd meat that it feels like it may not be "thin." The cheese, sausage and peperoni is such high quality that it would be a shame to also ask them to thin it down even more. However, on my next visit I will get a Med. thin crust sausage and peperoni (and ask for it to be cut into six pie cuts) plus and small cheese and ask them to be easy on the cheese. I really think that small cheese will be the classic NYC/Boston/Philly "Thin Crust" that I have been looking for.

          The place in ER has good cheese and sausage but they have a soda cracker dough. Petrillo's has got the tast and chew that a pizza crust should have.

          Three locations and NO location in Temple City

          Petrillo's Pizza Restaurant
          833 E Valley Blvd
          San Gabriel, CA 91776
          (626) 280-7332

          Petrillo's Pizza Restaurant
          750 W Rte 66 Ste A
          Glendora, CA 91740-4163
          (626) 335-1289

          Petrillo's Pizza (Tak-out only)
          110 South Mountain, Suite F
          Upland, CA
          (909) 981-8114

        2. s
          snooze button

          I don't live too far from Petrillo's on Valley and yet have never been. But all this talk recently has given me insane cravings for a medium-sized, thin crust, pie cut, crispy, sausage and pepperoni pizza. Damn.

          Will a medium be enough for 2 if we want leftovers?

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          1. re: snooze button

            Normally when I get a small fully-loaded one for two of us there's enough for leftovers! A medium for sure would give you leftovers unless you are a really big eater. However, I don't know how much difference it makes in volume using a thinner crust. All I know is after reading this thread I can't wait to try the thin crust version myself!

            1. re: monkuboy
              snooze button

              Cool -- small it is!