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Dec 13, 2011 02:10 PM

Bermuda for New Years

My boyfriend and I are visiting Bermuda for the first time over the New Year's holiday. We are there for 4 nights, arriving on Wednesday staying at the Fairmont Southampton. I have been reading as much of the previous posts on Bermuda food/ restaurant scene as I can, and seems like you all are an enthusiastic group - which I have to say is very appreciated and helpful! Many of my restaurant questions have been answered, but wanted to get some specific feedback about visiting in January, which I guess is "off season"? I am a little concerned that we will have issues with restaurants closing for the holiday or closing early over the weekend? Any thoughts?

Most importantly, can anyone give a recommendation for a nice dinner spot on New Years Eve? As in NYC, I'm guessing there will be a price to pay!! That is okay with us if it can't be avoided, but just want to know where to find best meal + atmosphere.

On a side note - and totally unrelated to food, I have read that the ocean will definitely be too cold for swimming, is this really true?

Thank you!

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  1. If you are arriving on the 28th you should not have a problem with restaurants closing early during your time here. The Fairmont concierge can always check on a specific restaurant for you, and the following websites are helpful too -

    Beau Rivage would be good for NYE - it's across the harbour from Hamilton so if there are fireworks you will see them.

    Currently the sea surface temp is 70, it may be a few degrees cooler while you are here - depends what you're comfortable with!

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    1. re: Athena

      Thank you Athena!

      I'll check out Beau Rivage - was thinking of that as the fine dining option anyway. Good to know about the fireworks. Are there other areas on the Island that do different things on NYE?

      On my list of places to check out:

      Freeport Seafood
      Black Horse
      Jamaican Grill
      Beau Rivage
      Baily's Bay - we are serious about ice cream

      On the fence about Bistro J after reading some bad reviews.

      Cafe Cairo?
      Opus cafe

      Let me know if I have missed anything or have been lead astray.

      I am used to warmer waters, but I know I won't be able to resist the ocean!

      1. re: LoirinhaNYC

        My pleasure!

        I'm not sure if St George's is doing its NYE thing this year, people are focused on Christmas right now and I haven't seen anything in the paper re NYE. Check The Royal Gazette when you get here.

        I'm pretty sure the Black Horse closes between Christmas and New Years, but check when you get here.

        There is a Swizzle near you, but I prefer the original in Bailey's Bay which across from Bailey's ice cream.

        I'm going to the spa at The Reefs on Saturday and will get back to on whether Coconuts is open then.

        I've never eaten at Cafe Cairo or Opus so can't comment.

        1. re: Athena

          Opus has been re-branded as O Bar. No food I believe, just drinks. LV's and O Bar are almost next to each other so if you're bored at one, can always check out the other. Cafe Cairo, never eaten there but it's all about dancing around 11pm. Mid-week tends to be fairly quiet for LV's and O and Cafe Cairo is hit and miss. Friday the 30th would be your best bet for a pumpin bar scene, if that's what you're looking for.

          1. re: bdachow

            Thanks bda and Athena!

            We actually changed our arrival date to the 30th and leaving on the 3rd, so hopefully we miss any post X-mas lull. I will check out the newspapers when I get there.

            Probably not looking for a big club scene, but always nice to know where and what Bermudians will be doing to celebrate the New Year.

            I'm getting more and more excited about this trip, so thanks for your advice!! We are really looking forward to riding around the island in a scooter, eating some good food and relaxing. No big agenda except to experience Bermuda!

            @ Athena, I was reading an earlier post of yours about the idea of starting Paladares in Bermuda - a great idea!! A friend of mine started one here in NYC and it has been really successful. We have lived/traveled extensively in Latin America and always tend to seek out the paladares for the best food.

            Cheers and happy holidays!

            1. re: LoirinhaNYC

              Tribe Road Kitchen on King and Reid Street east is kind of like a paladares, it's an old Bermuda house, feels homey and everything is homemade and delicious. Check it out on Facebook. Have a wonderful trip, good food and I hope the sun shines for you.

              @bdachow - you confirmed what I thought about Cafe Cairo - the bridesmaids and friends went there after my son's wedding in October, the BF of one bridesmaid woke up the next morning with a policeman's business card in his shirt pocket with absolutely no recollection of how it got there.

              1. re: Athena

                Speaking of TRK, they had Vietnamese sandwich on yesterday...almost took me home. It was quite close in flavour profile and texture wise. Yum!

    2. Pretty much agree with all here. Beau Rivage would be a great bet for NYE. Relatively small and wont have all that forced jollity. Great food as well. Transportation can be problematic NYE so if you decide to stay at the Fairmont I would head for Newport Room. Although they are selling it to the crowds heading for the amphitheater, you should be able to book a table and take your time.
      Remember that Jamaica Grill is take out rather than a dinner house. Also Hamilton might best be avoided NYE as it does get busy! Have fun.

      1. Another thought would be going to the Lido at Elbow Beach Hotel, it looks out over the beach and south shore ocean. I know they're organizing some kind of NYE thing, might have more details. They refresh their posts about twice a week.