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Dec 13, 2011 02:04 PM

Any new reports on restaurants on Grand Cayman?

Going to Grand Cayman in February, and thought it would be fun to start researching. Going to miss the Cayman Food Festival, so if anyone goes please report. Thanks

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  1. was there recently but stayed on the East end, If you're out that way Tukka was excellent, also The Italian Kitchen, by far the 2 best meals we had. Both are relatively new, the Italian place is in the Morritt's strip mall across from the Reef, and I think Tukka is in the building that used to be Portofinos. (Maybe call ahead, we tried to go to the the Italian Kitchen on a night they were supposed to be open and there was a "Gone Fishing" sign on the door.)

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      I don't understand your post. Are you looking for new restaurants that opened recently in Grand Cayman? Or are you looking for restaurant recommendations?

    2. BrickHouse (behind Hurleys at Grand Harbour) does good pizza but its kind of hit or miss. Definitely exercise caution with the pizza special - the filling seems often composed by staff with no cooking skills whatsoever. I actually got a pizza once that was covered in Ranch Dressing instead of their garlic white pizza sauce and had to argue with staff instead of getting a new one. A friend got pizza covered in spinach dip that melted when heated and turned the pizza into mush. Totally gross!
      The rest of the menu including the recent beef specials is pretty awful.