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Dec 13, 2011 01:53 PM

Are restaurants open late in the Bay Area? What time do most places to res until?

I will be staying on McAllister St. in Alamo Sq. for two weeks (Jan. 20 - Feb 03) and am in town primarily for the Noir City film festival which is taking place at the Castro Theatre between Jan. 20th and 29th.

The schedule for the films has not been released yet, but a SF native friend just informed me that the screenings typically kick off between 7pm and 8pm nightly, depending on the day of the week, and as they are double-features with a long intermission, the nights only wrap up around 11-12pm.

This has me concerned, as I had a long list of restaurants that I was hoping to make it out to, and fear our dinner plans might be compormised by this schedule. We'll either have to eat at 5-5:30 nightly, which I don't really want to do (especially since I was hoping to do 3 proper meals a day) and with the distance between destinations, it will just be tough.

I'm not sure if kitchens run on similar hours as they do here in Montreal, but save for a few after-11 specials, it's rare to get a good sit-down meal here in the city. Is the same true for San Francisco? Would it be unheard of to make dinner reservations at 11:30 for a nice restaurant in the city?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Here's a recent post about cheap eats in the Castro, but note that several places mentioned close by 10PM (e.g. Thai House Express)

    1. You can get a great, late sit-down meal at Nopa ( They are open until 1am.

      1. Here are the after-11s from the list of late-night places I keep on my phone, I haven't updated it in a few months so the hours might not be current:

        Bar Bambino, midnight Fri.-Sat., 10pm Mon.-Thurs.
        Comstock, 1am daily
        Criolla Kitchen, 2am daily
        Flour + Water, midnight Fri.-Sat., 11pm Sun.-Thurs.
        Heaven's Dog, 1am Mon.-Sat., 9pm Sun.
        Hog & Rocks, kitchen midnight daily
        Lers Ros, midnight daily
        Nopa, 1am daily
        Oola, 1am Tues.-Sat., midnight Sun.-Mon.
        Scala's Bistro, midnight Thurs.-Sat., 11pm Sun.-Wed.
        Thai House Express on Larkin, midnight daily
        Yuet Lee, 3am Wed.-Mon. (closed Tues.)
        Zuni, midnight Fri.-Sat., 11pm Sun. & Tues.-Thurs. (closed Mon.)

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          My late night go-to is still Grubsteak for an order of the Caldo Verde soup to satisfy my hunger. Open to 4 am.

        2. A restaurant where you can eat at 11:30 would be the exception rather than the rule. Here is a recent thread about late-night restaurants.

          1. Thanks for all the help!

            Nopa is already on my list and I think Zuni too, so that's great to know... I guess I'll be scheduling some early dinners though because I don't want to be restricted to any one neighborhood or part of town nor do I want to be limited only to late-night eats. I don't want to have to compromise great meals that I've been looking forward to for months, so I'll just have to schedule some early 5:30pm dinners.

            Thanks for all the help!