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Dec 13, 2011 01:40 PM

Mulling over Mulled Wine

With the holiday season in full bloom (or freeze) a longing for warmth and wine comes over us all (apart from those non-winos, in which case you may want to change posts, if not, keep reading). In the spirit of getting gratification of warmth and wine from a singular event (although there may be many you can think of that would accomplish both...), my question of the day is reminiscent of the German Markets in England (or alternatively Germany) where one would experience only the best of the holiday festivities chowing down a vintage marinated pull pork sandwich, and sipping on a warm mug (get your minds out of the gutter). And of course, that mug contained everything the holidays have to offer. Throw away the eggnog people and get mulling over mulled wine!

Alright, so for those that don't know what it is... I can't really help, but it's winy and it's warm and it fills your heart with holiday cheer. So on that note, the question is where to find the winorific goodness that is mulled wine in Montreal? With all of the English pubs and winter festivities we have you would think.... and think I have... but found is a feat I have not accomplished. Yes, I suppose I can make my own, and I have done so, but the brew is so much better from a large cauldron only suited to serve the masses.

Ramble over: Can you get mulled wine in Montreal??? If so, where? If not, it will be my claim to fame...

Patent pending.

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  1. There's a Christmas market on Place Jacques Cartier running until December 24. I haven't been but apparently they have a tent dedicated to gluwein (mulled wine).

    1. I believe the little Xmas tree (sorry holiday tree ;-) market on St-Laurent and St-Josehp sold it last year as well. On that subject: there's small differences between the Scandinavian Glögg (or glögi) and the German Glühwein. The German kind is less sugary. The Scandinavian has raisins and slivered almonds. IKEA sells a non-alcoholic version for the kids (and also the other curiosity Julmust, best described as a mix of dr. pepper, cough syrup and coke).
      My issue with the large cauldron thing is that the alcohol has pretty much evaporated. So whenever I make it at home, I make sure to add a splash of vodka to keep the ABV at the desired holiday spirit level :-)

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        Much thanks for the FYI estilker. I went by the St-Joseph market today and they do in fact have 'Vin chaud' on the chalk board. It was perhaps not an appropriate time of the day to be indulging in it (noon) so I have yet to comment on its effectiveness. Although, I have to disagree on the anti-cauldron comment. Something about the marinade gets better with brew time. Not to mention that any warm alcohol tends to have the desired effect despite its potentness.

        As enticing as you made Julmust sound, I shall be staying at arm's length of it...And Ikea, really? Mulled wine minus the wine?

        ; )