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Dec 13, 2011 01:09 PM

Local source for - Old South brand "tomolives"

Fellow Hounds -

Especially the drinkers among you. A friend of mine recently mixed up a swell gin martini and used Old South brand "tomolives" (small, pickled tomatoes) in place of the green olives. I was floored and have made it my mission to score a bottle. Does anyone know of a place in NoVA (Arl; Falls Church; Alexandria; etc)/DC/MD (close in) that carries them? I suppose they don't have to be Old South so any other brand will do.

Thanks much!

Cocinero Cubano

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  1. Seen that brand around local liquor stores before (in TX), I can't imagine it is too difficult to find it if you scour major grocery stores. How dry was the martini? I like a rinse of vermouth and a real dry gin and am trying to imagine what the comparison would be to olives. Maybe the tomolives would pair nicely with Hendrick's gin, the hint of cucumber seems pleasing.

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      Saw what I think you want near the register at MacArthur Liquors today. Next door to Blacksalt.

    2. I used to get them when I visited my wife's family in Memphis. They are a real treat and should be available everywhere, but aren't. I have looked but I've never seen them here.

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        Not trying to steal the thread, but are there any culinary uses for these Steve?

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          I eat them alongside sandwiches. But I imagine sliced up in a sandwich or in any number of dishes like you might use green or greek olives could work.

        1. They sell them at my local safeway (CT Avenue at Morrison). I imagine they sell them at Harris Teeter