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Dec 13, 2011 12:43 PM

Delicious chocolates for holiday gift

My friend loves her sweets, especially chocolate. Where would you recommend that I buy her a special box of chocolates? I'm only looking for recommendations based in Philly. I'm going to check out the revamped Shane's Confectionary in Old City next week. The chocolates look good at Verde but I've never bought any there.

I've bought chocolates in the past at John and Kira's so I want to try something else...

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  1. John and Kira's are my favorite. Eclat chocolates are also pretty great. They are in West Chester, but you can also get them at DiBruno's Rittenhouse Square location.

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      In the Mont Co area, Antoine Amrani chocolates are quite good, and you can visit the factory in East Norriton.

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        Actually the AA factory store went out of business. We stopped by there a few weeks back.

        1. re: crazyspice

          Oh bad news. So sorry to hear that. Thanks for the update!

    2. Eclat is far and away my favorite. Verde, Antoine Amrani, and especially John and Kira's all pale in comparison. I haven't been to the new Shane's yet. You can also get Eclat chocolates at Fork Etc., though the available variety isn't as great as actually going out to West Chester where they make them. Make sure you get a few caramels. I also love the aleppo chile, sichuan pepper, and mint varieties.

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        I like John and Kira's mint chocolates but that's about it as far as their offerings. Never been a big fan of Verde's stuff either. It's all pretty good but nothing really strikes me as to-die-for. But then again given a choice of any chocolate confections, I'd choose the milk chocolate peanut butter pretzels from Mueller's in Reading Terminal Market. Unfortunately they are not frou-frou enough for a fancy gift. Oh well...more for me :)

      2. If you want to move away from chocolates, try Bequet Caramels. They are made in Montana, but you can pick them up at DiBruno's Center City. The salted caramel is especially good.

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          Philly Ray how do the Bequet Caramels compare to the Marcie Blaine caramels? Have you ever tried them?

          1. re: cwdonald

            I have never had the Marcie Blaine caramels. Are they available in Philly?

            1. re: Philly Ray

              Marcie Blaine is Marcie Blaine Turney, of Lolita, Barbuzzo, and Bindi. The chocolates are available at Verde, the little store next to Lolita.

              1. re: Buckethead

                I looked at her website, and it looks like the Marcie Blaine Caramels are chocolate covered. Bequet is not. As for flavors. I have tried Bequet's Celtic Sea Salt caramel and chipotle.