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Montreal C'hounder spending a week in Canmore wants rec's

I've heard about The Trough Dining Co, Tapas and The Railroad but would like rec's from locals not my friends who have travelled to the Banff area.I would like to hear about the great little restaurant that is less travelled,(not tourist traps) I look forward to your suggestions.

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  1. I really like La Belle Patate, but not sure how it would be recieved by a Montreal native. I had a pretty good Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich, and excellent poutine when I was there, but I'm not sure how it compares to what you get in Montreal...

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      If I am feeling homesick I'll try it out.
      I need great food from out west(Salmon.1855,Bison ect)

    2. I had a great meal at Crazyweed last time I ate in Canmore but I think it gets some spotty reviews on this board.

      1. ff, I see you're not getting a lot of replies (smoked meat sandwich and poutine???), so I suggest you search for Canmore, Banff, and Lake Louise threads here as this topic has been covered quite a bit. My restaurant suggestion is not food, but rather drink and scenery, and grand old hotels, the Chateau Lake Louise, and the Banff Springs, Go there for drinks and try for window seats. If the patio doors are open at Banff, step out and take in the scenery. It'll be at least as good as the food anywhere.

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          The Waldhaus at the Banff Springs is definitely good for that.

        2. The Grizzly House was pretty cool but I have't been there since my honeymoon and I'm not saying how long thats been. Its a funky fondue house but is pretty touristy. Still worth the trip IMHO

          1. If money is no object, try Eden at The Rimrock. AAA Five Diamond Rated. The food and service will definitely impress.

            1. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co .. casual and delish.

              1. i grew up in canmore but have been living in montreal for the past couple years and have worked in the service industry in both. the food culture is completely different. i would recommend crazyweed as they usually have some local products and the calamari is insane, the trough(though i haven't been since they changed ownership a few years ago) for dinner, harvest and the summit cafe for breakfast. i always found tapas too expensive and inconsistent and the railroad deli is nothing special...

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                  Had a great meal at Crazyweed nice relaxed atmosphere, now I need some more help . We would like to go out for a traditional Christmas dinner.Lots of restaurants are closed on the 25th. Any good ideas ?

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                    I'd try the Banff Springs or Chateau Lake Louise. They're sure to have a traditional dinner available.