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Dec 13, 2011 11:36 AM

Saigon Street Food Trailer

This trailer is on Airport. A little west of kome and east of burger tex (on the burgertex side of the road).

A good reminder of what street food was originally meant to be: inexpensive, relatively simple and quick. I had three eggrolls, a pork banh mi and shrimp skewer for under $10.

The eggrolls were crispy. not really bright in flavor, but for the price they worked just fine. Banh mi bread was great- nice toasty outside and soft in the middle. the sandwich had a generous portion of grilled pork (kinda bland) and plenty of the usual veggies. Personally I like a little more pickle on my cukes and carrots. Happened to get a super spicy jalapeno slice that gave me a jolt- which I'm good with. skewered grilled shrimp was a little salty, but i shoved them into the sandwich and enjoyed them that, they were only a $1.50.

service was friendly and quick. pho on wknds only. I will try the spiced pork offerings next time and hopefully catch some soup.

Its gotta be hard to compete in the banh mi world when your trailer is only a few minutes from the best in austin but this place is a respectable entry. I bet if they were somewhere south of the river those folks would rave and we'd be reading about it in a glossy austin magazine about how they are changing the face of food forever or something...but we know better.

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  1. I assume by "few minutes from the best in Austin," you mean Tam Deli. Just wanted to double check in case there's some other place I haven't visited.

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    1. re: popvulture

      yeah, tam. also baguette house just down the road. tanh ni between'em. all pretty good depending on preference.

      1. re: ieathereforeiam

        Ah... haven't been to Tanh Ni before, but I have been to Baguette House. I think the sandwiches at BH and Tam are pretty neck and neck, but BH feels like a gross Starbucks knock-off. I'd much rather eat at Tam and joke around with the lady with the crazy eye makeup. Enough about that though. Didn't mean to hijack!

        1. re: popvulture

          Yeah, I don't get the BH love on here. Finally made it there a few months ago and it was very meh. Most of their sandwiches look like something on Subway's menu and the veggie mix has zero flavor. Pretty disappointing.

          1. re: achtungpv

            The bread is great, but they are too stingy with the fillings.

        2. re: ieathereforeiam

          I'm sorry to report that Thanh Nhi has gone downhill, last time I was there 3-4 weeks ago., Worst banh mi in Austin right now. And she wasn't even busy like I usually see her. Two other people in the restaurant at high noon on a Friday. She must have burned out.

          1. re: sqwertz

            bummer. its been several months since i've been.