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Dec 13, 2011 11:16 AM

Banh Mi Boys

Back from lunch! Figured it's worth starting a new thread for this place since they have Korean tacos.

Five spice pork belly banh mi and a kalbi beef taco, split between me and a friend. We both definitely preferred the Korean taco - I think it was $3.99 for one decent-sized taco. Loved that they don't use a normal taco, it's more like one of those Chinese pancakes? The banh mi was $5.99 - it was good, but not as exciting (seems a bit bigger than a Chinatown bahn mi?). I'm definitely going back to try more of the menu. I feel it's slightly pricey but the food is interesting and we liked what we had. I'm not sure how often I'd get banh mi from them since there's a lot of options for banh mi, but I am for sure going back for tacos! From what I remember, the beef taco had kalbi, red bean paste, cabbage, jalapeno and another type of sauce on it.

They were at the downtown T&T night market a couple months ago, so people may have tried their food already. They also sell steamed buns (those little sandwich ones).

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  1. And a photo of the grilled pork banh mi! They are bigger than the Chinatown offerings and more generous, I find. And, no mystery meat.
    Look forward to trying the rest of the stuff!

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      No mystery meat?? What good is that??


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        392 Queen Street West. West of Spadina, North side.

        1. Is there seating in the restaurant?

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            Yep, but not a lot. Maybe 12-15 people?

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              Thanks for the reply, but we went before seeing it.. ! I actually appreciated the fact that they didnt crowd their tables.. cuz they could easily fit a table right in the middle too.

          2. Went last night! Snagged the last 5-spice pork belly banh mi and was I ever glad! Out of the three that I tried (banh mi's), the pork belly was BEST! The chunks were a good size -- meaty, flavourful, and fatty.. The bun was super good. As everyone's been saying, they have a good crunch from the crust on top, but the bread itself is quite soft. I love that they toast it to make it warm.

            Also had the spicy beef .. though I'd say it's not spicy at all. However, I like the meat itself -- reminds me of the cooked beef in pho (as opposed to the tough rare beef). It's very brisket-y. I told my chow-partner that I keep on thinking that there'll be cheese, 'coz it totally looks like a philly cheese steak, but the pickled daikon and carrots bring me back to reality.

            We ended it off with a grilled (spicy) pork. This one had its own sauce, and to be honest, is least favourite. I think its 'coz the sauce was overbearing and too drowning.. tho if that's your thing, I think you'll like it. The drip-factor was most on this one due to the sauce, so eat-in for this one too.

            And the toppings were quite good. They put lots of pickled carrots and daikon in (there's the japanese kind too .. the yellow ones, but didnt try), and that gave it the balance it needed. Also good was the mayo and sriracha. Love cilantro, but couldnt really taste it for some reason.

            All in all -- YUM. Please go try it soon if you can!

            1. Went to grab a lunch there with a friend and had the kalbi taco, pork belly banh mi and the grilled pork banh mi. Though not traditional, they were awesome! Taco had a chinese onion pancake type shell and the banh mi's were crunchy, chewy, tasty and spicy wrapped into one. So worth going! ALSO, they have fob drinks like soy milk. So happy there (:

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                Agreed! Went yesterday with a friend for lunch and we split the kalbi taco, pork belly steamed bao and the tofu banh mi. Favourite for both of us was the kalbi taco. Tempted to return again this week to sample more before they close this weekend for renovations. They said the renos should be done by Feb. Here's hoping they'll add more seating and reconfigure the space a bit so it's easier to weave through the lineups to get out afterwards.

                1. re: fickle

                  I loved the pork belly banh mi but I have to disagree on the korean tacos, the flavour of hoisin sauce overpowered everything and there wasn't a fresh component to the tacos.