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Dec 13, 2011 11:08 AM

Best Carrot Cake (for Take Away)?

It's the hubby's birthday this weekend and he has requested carrot cake. I (sadly) don't have time to make one. Can anyone recommend a shop/bakery that seems to do carrot cake right (cream cheese frosting of course)? We live in the South Park area.


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  1. Costco has a great carrot cake.

    1. It's been at least 8 years since I've been there (used to live right around the corner) but Adams Ave. Grill had, for my money, the best carrot cake in town. Super moist, multilayered (with generous cream cheese frosting between the layers) and nice plump golden raisins. A slice was enough for two, except on those nights when it was just carrot cake for dinner (and there were plenty of those nights). I often used to get slices to go. Not sure about a whole cake though.

      1. I can't believe i'm going to say this (because it's such an anti-chow position), but... I love the carrot cake from Vons. I've had fancy ones from all kinds of places, and I always feel like the cake is dry/crispy on top or not appropriately sweet or like the frosting isn't the right texture. The Vons carrot cake is always moist. Go to a Vons with a good bakery - some are definitely better than others (the Liberty Station one is my favorite).

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          They have some good suppliers.

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            actually, a lot of the larger Von's have in-house bakeries. One of my former employees is a traveling baker who goes from Von's to Von's for a few weeks at a time to do training, troubleshooting and generally making sure they follow procedures. Cakes are baked from a fairly decent commercial mix (i.e. definitely not Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines <gg>). The mixes themselves are usually not too bad, but untrained or employees with little baking experience can sure mess them up.

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            I have to say I really like the cake at Vons also and I agree with your assessment of the cake moistness and frosting. The chocolate cake with fudge frosting is good as well. Definitely can't beat the bang for the buck at $2/slice. Sad that a lot of fancy bakeries that charge 5x as much for a slice of cake can't make a better one.

          3. I had a terrific slice of carrot cake at Linkery at their old location and was told it was from either Heaven Sent or Cardamon Bakery.