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Dec 13, 2011 10:45 AM

Churrascaria Copacabana opinions

I am looking for a churrascaria in lower Fairfield County/Westchester for my daughter's birthday. She loved Plataforma, but going into the city with a bunch of girls isn't an option. Is Copacabana good? I don't see much about it on the boards here, which of course worries me. She will be 10.



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  1. Copacabana is worth it. The salad bar area is relatively small to other places I have been to (especially the pure salad part which really only consists of a few vegetables, some cheeses and some lettuce). Also on the salad bar are peel and eat shrimp, Sushi rolls (mostly americanized) and some prepared dishes (none of which I was particularly interested in nor do I remember well but I think it was a couple Italian and Greek dishes).

    On the other hand, the Rodizio -- the main event -- is very satisfying and the quality of the meat is high. The service is good and very satisfying and they bring around the meats at request and a display of desserts (which we're always too stuffed for). My kids really enjoyed it and ask to go back from time to time.

    One note though is you may want to confirm the kid's price. I've been charged everything from $1.50 less for the kids to substantially less than the adult price.

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      Copacabanas salad bar is tiny compared to platforma's. The rodizio is about the same, nothing exotic. The only thing that annoys me about the place is that parents let their kids run around like animals and don't watch them playing with the salad bar. Its kind of a turnoff.

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        Thanks for the advice! We checked it out Sunday, and I think the party is a go. Liza, you might not want to go when we're there!! :) While I will try to keep the animals at the table, it might be hard!